Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stuff for the new house!

If you've read my previous post, you'll know we're moving house in the coming weeks. It's already furnished, but we've bought some little bits to add our own touch, like tea towels, cleaning things, bath mats etc. I was out today & yesterday so I picked up some little bits I like. One of the spare bedrooms is going to be for my stuff (I have a lot!) so it will be like my 'chill-out' room, and our bedroom won't be taken over my all of my clothes & makeup!

These are the little bits I picked up (there's more I want to get, but I don't want to make the house too girly - my fiancé will kill me, hahaha!)

Rainbow sun-catcher (indoors/outdoors)

Fake roses (for a pretty vase in the hallway) 

 Eiffel Tower canvas (for my 'chill-out' room) still in plastic, hence the flash & cardboard

Tea-towels (Rachel would be proud of me!!) 

 Blinged out dustpan & brush

 Standing spoon (will be used for used teabags!)

 Red polka dot photoframe

and something JUST for me...
reduced from €7 to €2!!

Heehee, hope you liked it :)

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