Saturday, April 14, 2012

Revlon 'Pinch Me' Sheer Gel Blush (Peach Afterglow) - Review

I picked this up for 1.49 in a discount store (yes, it's real Revlon). It's a sheer gel blush and the one I picked up is in Peach Afterglow.

Revlon 'Pinch Me' Sheer Gel Blush - Peach Afterglow

The top half of this picture is the gel on my wrist. The bottom half is the gel blended in and dried (lighting washes it out a bit)...

This one gives a nice little peachy sheen when it dries, which is pretty. (Drying colour is indicated by the 'contents sticker). I think this product might be discontinued, which is fine by me as I doubt I would purchase it again. It's a nice product, and I like the packaging. I'll use it all up but it won't bother me if I don't have it again. One bad thing about it is you can't really see the product until it's dried on your cheeks, you just see wetness, hahah! When I tried it first, it turned out a bit uneven, so I had to start over. I'm going to give it 3 stars out of 5. If you can find it this cheap, pick it up. Personally, I wouldn't pay any more than 1.49 for it.

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