Saturday, December 16, 2017


his second time having Shreddies... he hated them first time round, now as you can see, he can't get enough!

Okay so Leighton's actually nearly 15 months now, but Queen of Procrastination here is just lazy when it comes to updating. I promise that will change in the new year. Don't hold me to it though because lazy.

Sleep is great - not the best, but still great. Leighton still goes down around 7.30pm. He'll sleep until anywhere from 6.30am to 8.30am. He even let me sleep until 9am the other morning. 9AM. I was like a new woman, I tell you. Until about 9.30am when he already had me exhausted again. The only times he'll wake up is when he's had a nightmare (my poor baby) or he's lost his dummy. A couple of months back, we weaned him off his dummy in a couple of days. Then the hellish teething started & it soothed him. We'll take it away again at 18 months for good. Leighton will take a nap at around 11am for half an hour. He might take another at around 2.30pm if he's not being a naughty little thing & fighting the nap. I find that if he doesn't take that second nap, he goes to bed easier. We're going to try to drop the second nap completely soon, but it's hard to keep him awake when he's so tired. God I miss the 3 hour naps he used to take as a baby. I got so much done! Overall, sleep is great!

HE EATS EVERYTHING. I'm so happy he'll try anything. If he doesn't like it, I persevere & he'll try it again. He finally loves eggs! Any way at all, he LOVES them. I've done a post here on Our Weaning Journey which goes more in depth. Leighton takes after his mama with his love of food. If you're eating something, he wants a taste, whatever it is. He's starting to get the hang of using cutlery now, although sometimes he'll bring the spoon/fork to his mouth & the food will fall off before it reaches his mouth, but he doesn't realise. It's so funny but he's getting so much better. His favourite food is definitely bananas. Everytime the fridge is opened or he sees one, he says 'nanana' & his little face lights up. You see, I even set my phone's lock screen to photos of bananas today to keep him quiet. I mean, it's now 10pm, he's in bed & it's still set as my lock screen. LOOK!!! Mum'ing at it's best.

The sacrifices we make, huh? *facepalm*

In my last update post 4 months ago, I said his 12-18 month sleepsuits were huge... now he's growing out of them. WHY?! Where has my baby gone? He's wearing almost everything in 12-18 months now, though some 9-12 still fits him. He has a onesie vest that my dad bought him in America & that's 6-9 months. I reckon he'll still get another month or so wear out of it. After Christmas, we're going to take him clothes shopping & stock up on some more 18-24 months because he's nearly there. My heart is breaking thinking about it because he'll be 18 bloody years old before we know it!

4 months ago, he had 2 teeth... now he has 7 - 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom. Holy crap, time needs to slow down. He's had 7 for a while now, so I don't think it'll be long until we see more little toothy-pegs coming up! His little teeth make for eating everything so much easier.

My oh my... Leighton walks everywhere now. He also runs around the house, which is so crazy to see because he was only walking with our help a few months ago. He is able to climb the stairs, so we're in trouble if the stairgate is left open. He's halfway up the stairs sometimes & we have a mini heart attack. He's not able to get down the stairs yet, so that'll be fun teaching him that. NOT. He's forever on the move & runs around playing chase if you pretend you're going to get him. My little pumpkin. *all the heart eyes*

favourite toys
He has this little ride on car, you know the ones where you can lift the lid up? Yeah... he just lifts the car up & runs around the house with it. Crazy boy! He has a red shape sorting bus, & if you ask him where the 'big red bus' is, he'll find it straight away. He has an ELC Drop & Pop Giraffe which he loves, but he's dropped it so many times (yep, he picks up everything) that something has come loose & the motor is struggling. He still likes Sophie the giraffe, but just tries to feed her raisins & his dummy. We're excited to see all the toys he gets from Santa & I think we'll have one very happy (& busy) little boy on our hands... 

* * *

Until next time...

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