Saturday, April 28, 2012

Essence Liquid Liner (waterproof)

I picked this up very recently, for €2.99 (non-waterproof was €2.89).

At first, I found the formula a little watery, but I worked with it. I'm still trying to perfect the whole 'winged liner' look, and this made it pretty simple!

It's very black, which can give a dramatic effect, and I love that. 

This is the liner on my eye...

I love this liner. It lasted all day with no flaking, and it didn't budge a bit. I even rubbed the outside wing just to see if it would come off, but it stayed put. You'll need to remove it with an oil-based eye makeup remover... it can be hard to remove with just wipes. 

This will definitely be a repurchase, especially seeing as it didn't break the bank. Essence amazes me once again!

Catrice 'Bye, Bye Birdy' Nail Lacquer

Pastels are a big trend this Spring, so I was going through my nail polishes and came across Catrice Nail Lacquer in 'Bye, Bye Birdy'. It's a beautiful pastel yellow! I bought it ages ago and I've worn it numerous times, but I don't think I've even done a blog post on it. This is what the polish looks like...

 I love the packaging of all Catrice nail polishes!

 Bye, Bye Birdy!

I had to apply 3 coats to my nails to get it opaque (even tho the sticker on the lid said 2 coats!) The first 2 coats were slightly stripy, but after the 3rd, it was all even and perfect. It dries fairly fast, which is always a plus. I didn't apply a topcoat, as I find all Catrice polishes last quite a few days before even beginning to chip. The polish gives a beautiful shine itself, anyway!

No topcoat!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Chocolate orange & key necklaces

 Terry's chocolate orange. It's not Terry's... it's mine! Yum yum, tea & chocolate!

I made some more necklaces tonight, just little keys! I hope you like them :)

If you're interested in buying any of these necklaces, leave a comment for pricing/postage etc <3

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Essence 'Multi-Action false lashes' mascara

 Essence 'Multi-Action false lashes' mascara

I've used this numerous times before, then I ran out and I couldn't find it anywhere! I finally found one today and picked it up. It only cost around €3, which I think is amazing for the product. Essence products never cease to amaze me; cheap and brilliant!

 I love the brush! 


After! (One coat)

I find this mascara really lengthens my lashes with just one coat, and adds fabulous volume with 2 or more coats. For me, it takes a little longer to dry than most other mascaras... but in a way, it's a good thing because you can 'work' with the product. It's a pure black and it doesn't smell, so I really like that. It flakes a TINY bit during the day, but you just wipe it away and you're good to go. It doesn't clump for me, even with 2 coats. It really does give a false lash effect, lashes are so long and thick. To me, it works as well as a higher end brand; so luxurious but a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend it, it's so cheap, you can't go wrong. And if you don't like it, you're not losing much money.

I have loads of 'favourite' mascaras, I will do a post soon on my top five!

Hope you enjoyed my little review!

Cupcake candles & Parisian jewellery

I picked up the cutest candle ever today in Primark/Penneys, I couldn't help it. It's a cupcake, and you take the top off to smell the most gorgeous vanilla scent ever! I can't wait to move and have a gorgeous smelling house all the time.

It looks and smells good enough to eat! (€2!)

I'm loving the polka dot ribbon too! :)

I'll definitely pick up more once we start getting stuff moved to the new house. 

On another note, I started making more jewellery last night. I'm still loving the Parisian theme, so Eiffel Towers were a must! Here are some little bits I made...

diamante lips, Eiffel Tower & lock necklace

 large heart necklace

 Eiffel Tower earrings

small heart & Eiffel Tower necklace

I have only one of each item available (until I get new supplies), so if you're interested in buying any of these items, leave a comment for pricing/postage etc <3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stuff for the new house!

If you've read my previous post, you'll know we're moving house in the coming weeks. It's already furnished, but we've bought some little bits to add our own touch, like tea towels, cleaning things, bath mats etc. I was out today & yesterday so I picked up some little bits I like. One of the spare bedrooms is going to be for my stuff (I have a lot!) so it will be like my 'chill-out' room, and our bedroom won't be taken over my all of my clothes & makeup!

These are the little bits I picked up (there's more I want to get, but I don't want to make the house too girly - my fiancé will kill me, hahaha!)

Rainbow sun-catcher (indoors/outdoors)

Fake roses (for a pretty vase in the hallway) 

 Eiffel Tower canvas (for my 'chill-out' room) still in plastic, hence the flash & cardboard

Tea-towels (Rachel would be proud of me!!) 

 Blinged out dustpan & brush

 Standing spoon (will be used for used teabags!)

 Red polka dot photoframe

and something JUST for me...
reduced from €7 to €2!!

Heehee, hope you liked it :)

Moving house!

If you're my friend on Facebook, you'll know I'm SO excited because we're moving! YAY!

Seriously, I've wanted to move for so long and it's finally happening. It's just going to be renting though. We're moving from the city to a quieter part of the country, next door to my fiancĂ©'s sister. We should be doing it within the next couple of weeks, we're so happy and excited. I can't wait to have a kitchen with a proper layout so I can get into baking. Where we live now, I don't exactly like the house, so I find it hard to keep it clean. I love the new house so I'll want to keep it clean and look after it (and oh my God, it has a dishwasher! Current house doesn't, so I'm pretty excited for that - I HATE washing dishes.) I can't wait to be settled, join the local gym (cheap!) and get fit. It's going to be like a whole new fresh start and I want it to happen NOW! The only thing I'm not looking forward to is getting bills and stuff sorted.

We're getting the keys soon, hopefully by the start of next week, then we can start moving stuff in. We've started packing and I think we have more stuff than we thought we had. Still... all the exciting unpacking times are ahead of us... I've been picking up little bits for the new house while I'm out. The usual things like over-door hangers, soap, duster (rainbow, obviously), cleaning stuff, tea towels, bath mat, etc. I will do a little post of things I've picked up so far, yay!

When we've settled in, I'll do a kind of 'house tour', but just showing my favourite parts of the house. In the meantime, I probably won't be posting as much as we'll be super busy in the coming weeks. You can follow me on Twitter as I update that quite a lot!

Eeee, excited 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Smokin' hot man #8 ♥

Ryan Phillippe.


Smokin' hot man #7 ♥

Yum yum!!! Love this man, he's so beautifully perfect.

Josh Hartnett.

Smokin' hot man #6 ♥

I loved Heath Ledger. Taken way too soon!


Smokin' hot man #5 ♥

Zac Efron. Yummy (Thanks Steph!)


Friday, April 20, 2012

Smokin' hot man #4 ♥

Chad Michael Murray. Wow. There are no words.

Just look (and wish you could touch!) Sigh, I could stare at beautiful men all day.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Smokin' hot man #3 ♥

Okay, I couldn't help myself... TWO hot men in one night?! Aren't you lucky?

It's the one and only, Ryan Gosling. Such a beautiful man, and he makes me melt in The Notebook. Hope this picture makes YOU melt ;)

Models Own Beetlejuice - Indian Ocean - swatches!

Hello lovelies 

I've wanted this for ages now, so I finally picked it up today in Boots. It's from the Models Own Beetlejuice collection and it's called Indian Ocean.

It's a gorgeous light sheer blue packed with pink shimmer (and gold in some lights!), and I know it will be my perfect shade for Spring & Summer. It was quite hard to get the camera to pick up the shimmer, but I tried! It's so much nicer in person, the shimmer is beautiful! It actually reminds me of the sun setting over an ocean (as the name may suggest, hahaha!)

It took me 4 coats to get it how I wanted, otherwise, it was just so sheer. Still pretty, but I prefer my nail polish to be more opaque. This is with 4 coats... Like I said, hard to pick up the pink shimmer, but you can still see it. And a little bit of gold too!

After that, I took 2 more colours, a light blue and a baby pink, to see if the shimmer would pop more
Catrice - Am I Blue Or Green?
Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream

This is before:

Am I Blue Or Green?, Indian Ocean, Strawberry Ice Cream

After (with flash):
Am I Blue Or Green? with 2 coats of Indian Ocean, Indian Ocean, Strawberry Ice Cream with 2 coats of Indian Ocean

And the same (without flash, dull lighting)

As you can see, the light blue colour made the blue pop more, and the light pink made the shimmer pop much more. You can see some gold shimmer in all of them.

It dries pretty quickly, which I love! It has a high shine, so you don't need a topcoat. The smell is very strong, so you're probably better off doing your nails in the garden! I can't wait to try it with more colours, it's beautiful! I think it would be gorgeous over black...

What do you think of Indian Ocean?

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