Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cupcake candles & Parisian jewellery

I picked up the cutest candle ever today in Primark/Penneys, I couldn't help it. It's a cupcake, and you take the top off to smell the most gorgeous vanilla scent ever! I can't wait to move and have a gorgeous smelling house all the time.

It looks and smells good enough to eat! (€2!)

I'm loving the polka dot ribbon too! :)

I'll definitely pick up more once we start getting stuff moved to the new house. 

On another note, I started making more jewellery last night. I'm still loving the Parisian theme, so Eiffel Towers were a must! Here are some little bits I made...

diamante lips, Eiffel Tower & lock necklace

 large heart necklace

 Eiffel Tower earrings

small heart & Eiffel Tower necklace

I have only one of each item available (until I get new supplies), so if you're interested in buying any of these items, leave a comment for pricing/postage etc <3

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