Friday, August 31, 2012

Potty About Polka Dots

If you know me, you'll know I'm obsessed with polka dots. Especially if the item is red with white dots, then I'm all over it. I've built up quite a little collection, and most of it is for my kitchen. This is all (I think) the polka dot things in my kitchen. Mind you, they're not all placed together, only for the purpose of the picture. That would be polka dot overload...or would it? ;)

Do you like it, or do you think it's too much?

Review | IsaDora Jelly Kiss Gel Lipstick - Ballerina

I saw this for half price (around €6.48) in my local pharmacy and I had to have it! I'm a sucker for pink lipstick...or maybe lipstick in general! I had never heard of gel lipstick, but I wanted to try it out. It's a beautiful barbie pink, called Ballerina.

I found this on the IsaDora website:

Gel lipstick – a weightless feeling on your lips!

– Semi-transparent
– Nourishing, moisturizing and softening with a luminous glossy effect
– Component with magnetic closure
Contains: Peach kernel oil, Apricot kernel oil, Almond oil

I really do love the feel of this lipstick on my lips! It feels like I'm wearing a very thin layer of light gloss or lipbalm. It's not drying on my lips at all, and the shine it gives is beautiful. Not matte, and definitely not too glossy. I'm not really a lipgloss girl, so this is perfect! It can take a good few slicks to get it pretty much opaque, as it's a gel, but it's really beautiful. I think it would be great for those who hate the feel of lipstick on their lips. It's not heavy at all. I actually think it would be perfect for school! It lasts ages on my lips, with minimal touch-ups required.

It makes my lips feel supple, and the colour isn't too 'in your face', it's a little bit subtle. I love bright lipstick, but I know a lot of people don't. 

Overall, I would like to buy this again, but maybe not for the full price of €12.95. It's a little bit steep for me!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's On My Playlist #1 | Tidying

When I'm cleaning or tidying, I need to have some good songs playing to motivate me to clean! I feel like time flies when I have music playing - which is always a good thing when cleaning! This is what I listen to...

No Mirror Make-up Challenge.

Well, this was... fun? Hahahahahha!

The make-up I used:

Rimmel Lasting finish 25 hour foundation in True Ivory
Catrice eyebrow set
Catrice Bohemia Limited Edition Bronzer
NYC lipstick in Blue Rose
Catrice Smokey Eyes Set
Maybelline Lasting Drama 24hr gel liner in Intence Black
Maybelling SuperStay 24H concealer in Light
Rimmel blusher in Autumn Catwalk
Elf Pressed Powder in... Porcelain (I think)
Benefit BADgal lash mascara in black


Look at those eyebrows...oh my lord

 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaaahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahhaa what the heck

 Harsh bronzer?! Sweet heck...

 The eyebrows...

I think I actually did okay. A little bit. Kind of. Okay maybe not. But the lipstick was good! And the blush was alright...that's about it. I had a lot of fun doing this challenge. It's harder than it looks!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Week In Pictures

1. New addition to my kitchen...heehee
2. Jess sitting on the car
3. Hair rollers (review soon!)
4. BB cream!
5. Off to run some errands
6. Salad sandwich, yum!
7. Food journal
8. Posing...
9. No mirror make-up challenge (blogpost soon)
10. Cod salad
11. New phone case I made
12. Coco pops!

Review | L'Oréal Nude Magique BB Cream (Light)

After trying Garnier's BB cream (review here), I wasn't sure if I wanted to try another BB cream after being let down by such a hyped up product.

Nude Magique BB cream boasts of 24 hour hydration, a dewy finish to the skin, SPF 12 and smart pigment capsules.

Whilst in a pharmacy one morning the other day, the packaging of this cream caught my eye. There was a big sticker on the tube saying 'up to €5 off!'. This meant it was down from €15.35 to €10.35. Not too shabby ;) I tested the cream in 'light' (for fair skin tones), out of curiosity.  Weirdly, the cream comes out white (with a very slight purple tint), but as you blend it in, it turns into a normal foundation colour! I though that was pretty unique and cool. It looked really good on my skin so I bought it. Whilst paying, the cashier spent about 2 minutes talking to me about the BB cream. She said, "When you first apply it, it may look a little darker than your skin...but the smart pigment capsules make it match your skin perfectly."

This is the application tip...

Before applying the cream, I applied my usual moisturiser and allowed it 10 minutes to soak in. I have really dry skin, so moisturiser is an important step for me.
When I went to apply the BB cream my face, I noticed that the consistency of the cream was a little runny...runnier than I had expected. This meant that a little bit too much cream came out on the first use. 

Top: Cream on the back of my hand
Bottom: blended out

After that I was used to it and I knew how much to squeeze out. It's easy to work with, once you know how much to use for your face. On my second try at using it, I dispensed the perfect amount!

On first application, it did look a little darker than my skin-tone, but as the pharmacist said, it did correct itself and matched my skin. It cancelled out some of the redness on my cheeks, thankfully! I used my eBay beauty blender (dry) to apply the cream, and it worked brilliantly. 

After 6 hours of wear, the cream was still intact on my skin, and hadn't budged. After 9 hours, I needed a little touch up, but there was still no dryness! As of yet, I haven't worn it for 24 hours to see if it keeps my skin hydrated for that long.

I really love this BB cream, and I wear it on it's own. It does give a dewy look to my skin, and makes it look refreshed. I have tried it as a foundation base, and it worked even better. I have no pictures of that though, sorry :(

I would repurchase this again for €10.35. I'm not sure about €15.35, as it's a bit much. But it is brilliant!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big boobs = big pain!

This is a different/weird kind of post...the idea just came to me this morning and I thought I'd give my view, I guess.

So...I've heard some girls say they would 'kill' to have bigger boobs (maybe not literally, but still)...yet here I am, willing to do anything for smaller ones! Mine are pretty big - I won't say what size though, a lady never tells ;) See for yourself...

Bunny self-photoshoot...couple of years ago.

I hate them! Like really, so much.
When I was in my early teens, I had no boobs at all...I wished for bigger boobs, and I got these. Hahaha!

I'm usually a size 10 (8 in some things), yet my big boobs mean that a lot of the time, I have to wear a size 12 on top, sometimes even 14! The tops that I do find are loose everywhere else, so it looks stupid. It's hard to find nice tops that fit because my boobs make me look a lot bigger than I am. I would literally do anything to have them reduced.

I get leered at by men when I'm out, and sometimes, I think they assume that I'm 'easy', even though I'm engaged and have been in a relationship for almost 6 years. I've had a lot of men make pervy comments, which really upsets me. Sometimes, I get dirty looks from girls, as if it's my fault my boobs are so big. I've been called a slut before, when I was on a night out with friends. I get really bad backache, and they affect my posture like nothing else. I get marks on my shoulders from my bras digging in, all because my boobs are so heavy. Worst of all, it really affects my confidence. I know so many other girls who want big boobs, but really, they're not all they're cracked up to be. They're a nightmare. Sleeping on my front just isn't an option.

Very rarely, I will find a nice top that looks good on me. I'm wearing minimiser bras at the moment, and they do help a little. I hate to say it, and it kills me to say it, but I've had thinner tops RIP before, at the chest area. I really hate it, and it gets me down a lot. When girls say 'I'd love to have your boobs!', I say 'no, you don't. Nobody likes backache, and leery looks from men who think it's okay to stare at you like that.'

I've had someone say to me 'with the pictures you take, you don't seem to hate them', but what do they know...? As a person with a smaller chest, they can't just say something like that to me; if I wear t-shirts up to my neck, it makes them look even bigger, and makes me feel even worse. And that's not what I'm aiming for. Polo necks during winter are a definite no-no, they really look giant then.

On top of Mount Snowdon

Ready to go up Snowdon!

In the picture above, you can really see how huge they look because I wore a high neck t-shirt. People think I'm lucky to have them, but I see myself as unlucky. I really despise them.

If you've got small boobs, be happy with them!
If you have big boobs like me, I sympathise with you if you get backache/stares/leers/name-calling!

Review | eBay Beauty Blender

eBay Beauty Blender sponge 

As most of you will know by now, the Beauty Blender is hugely popular amongst the beauty community on Blogger and on YouTube. I wanted to try it for myself, see what all the fuss was about...but there was no way in Hell I was paying €16 for ONE! I looked on eBay and found this one, costing a grand total of... €1.39, from here!

As I don't have the 'original' Beauty Blender, I can't compare, but I can still review it.

From the BeautyBlender website:

"Beautyblender’s patent-pending elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face, leaving your make up dazzling and undetectable. Beautyblender is latex free, non-allergenic and odor free."

This sponge is shaped a bit differently to the one that the website talks about, but is supposed to do the same thing. You can use it damp or dry, but damp is supposed to be better.

eBay Beauty Blender close-up

This is the sponge in my hand, dry...

For the first use, I wet the sponge slightly...


As you can see, the sponge expanded a little due to the water. Whilst it was still damp, I dotted some of my foundation on my cheeks, forehead, and a dab on my chin. I used the bottom (thickest) part of the sponge to stipple the foundation into my skin, letting the sponge 'bounce' off my face. The tapered shape (top) was perfect for hard-to-reach areas, like the sides of my nose, and around the eye area. Application didn't take long at all. It actually took less time than using a normal foundation brush or stipple brush. 

Overall, I was very happy with the result. I found that my skin looked more flawless than if I use a brush. You can build up your foundation without looking cakey, which is always a plus.

Yup, I'm verrrrrryy pale haha.
I love how nice the sponge makes my foundation look. For the price it is, you really can't go wrong. I've read that they last around 3-4 months until they should be replaced. That should be easy, considering it's cheap as chips...or cheaper haha.

To clean it, I just use baby shampoo and warm water. Simples!

Love. it!

Mini eBay Haul

I bought a few little things on eBay before my holiday, and most of them arrived whilst I was on holiday. It was a nice little surprise to come home to, heehee 

Beautiful little things!

These beautiful pearl earrings are just so cute and delicate. Absolutely beautiful, and a steal!
Pretty cross earrings...I won mine in an auction for £0.30!
As you probably know, I'm crazy for anything red with polka dots, especially this little headband!
The cheaper eBay version of the Beauty Blender - review coming soon!
Hair donut - perfect for neat hair buns!

Aaaaaaaaaand of b-e-a-utiful phone case!

Models Own NOTD | Bubblegum & Indian Ocean.

Models Own Bubblegum & Indian Ocean

I love these colours separately, and together, they're beautiful too!
I have reviews swatches of them separately; Bubblegum and Indian Ocean. I love Models Own nail polishes. I find them hard wearing and I love the glossy finish. The colour pay-off is amazing!

Bubblegum on it's own is a brilliant neon pink, and with Indian Ocean (from the Beetlejuice Collection) over the top, it's a gorgeous glittery barbie pink. Gorgeous to brighten up any outfit, and add a pop of colour! This lasted me a good few days, and that was after 3/4 days of wearing the pink on it's own. It still hadn't chipped  when I was taking it off, but I just needed a change of nail colour!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week in Pictures

It's been a pretty boring week, just getting back into things, after coming back from holiday...

1. Pic n' mix 
2. Yummy fruit flan I made :)
3. HATE doing laundry
4. Sorting my nail polishes/trying to decided what colour to paint my nails
5. Hello Kitty socks to brighten up a rainy day 
6. Loving my new phone case!
7. This really made my day lol
8. Beauty blender (review coming soon)
9. Jess from next door chilling at the kitchen table, haha
10. Stormy days
11. Male kids for sale....goats that is ;)
12. Mmmnn, vegetable soup
13. American Cream Soda. Who remembers that?
14. Bubblegum & Indian Ocean nails

Random | Little Purchases In Wales

I picked up a few little bits on my holiday in Wales. The currency exchange rate here is crazy, so I did kind of want to take advantage of the fact that in Wales, things are cheaper than in Ireland, even when the currency rate is changed over.

I bought some random little things, but I could have bought so much more. The gift shops were to die for!


 Door hanger

 Fairy ornament (gift from Elijah)

 Dragon ornament (gift from Elijah)

 Wooden cats

 Cupcake storage and cupcake saving box...with my name! (matches my kitchen's theme)

 Welsh dragon hanging..thing..

 'Keep Calm And Carry On' canvas

Little cuddly dragon, polka dot heart hanger (matches the kitchen!), polka dot card set

Recipe good do those macaroons look? Yum! 


 Magnet weekly planner/shopping list 

 Nautical earrings and bangle

 Heart tub

 Jar with cotton balls

 Rose quartz keyring, bracelet and necklace (gifts from Elijah)

 Snowdon hoodie

 Hair mask and fave conditioner (small bottle of that conditioner in my local pharmacy costs me around €6. In Superdrug, I got the masque AND the big bottle of conditioner for £6!!!!) Superdrug 

'Keep Calm And Log Onto Facebook' mug!!

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