Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week in Pictures

It's been a pretty boring week, just getting back into things, after coming back from holiday...

1. Pic n' mix 
2. Yummy fruit flan I made :)
3. HATE doing laundry
4. Sorting my nail polishes/trying to decided what colour to paint my nails
5. Hello Kitty socks to brighten up a rainy day 
6. Loving my new phone case!
7. This really made my day lol
8. Beauty blender (review coming soon)
9. Jess from next door chilling at the kitchen table, haha
10. Stormy days
11. Male kids for sale....goats that is ;)
12. Mmmnn, vegetable soup
13. American Cream Soda. Who remembers that?
14. Bubblegum & Indian Ocean nails

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