Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random | Little Purchases In Wales

I picked up a few little bits on my holiday in Wales. The currency exchange rate here is crazy, so I did kind of want to take advantage of the fact that in Wales, things are cheaper than in Ireland, even when the currency rate is changed over.

I bought some random little things, but I could have bought so much more. The gift shops were to die for!


 Door hanger

 Fairy ornament (gift from Elijah)

 Dragon ornament (gift from Elijah)

 Wooden cats

 Cupcake storage and cupcake saving box...with my name! (matches my kitchen's theme)

 Welsh dragon hanging..thing..

 'Keep Calm And Carry On' canvas

Little cuddly dragon, polka dot heart hanger (matches the kitchen!), polka dot card set

Recipe good do those macaroons look? Yum! 


 Magnet weekly planner/shopping list 

 Nautical earrings and bangle

 Heart tub

 Jar with cotton balls

 Rose quartz keyring, bracelet and necklace (gifts from Elijah)

 Snowdon hoodie

 Hair mask and fave conditioner (small bottle of that conditioner in my local pharmacy costs me around €6. In Superdrug, I got the masque AND the big bottle of conditioner for £6!!!!) Superdrug 

'Keep Calm And Log Onto Facebook' mug!!

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