Sunday, January 29, 2012

My haircare

Near the start of my blog, I did a post on My Hair Story. I was looking back through my old posts and it inspired me to do a post on my hair care and what I use to keep it in good condition. I've bleached it quite a lot over the past few years (I love crazy colours!) I haven't bleached it in months now, as I want to get it as healthy as I can...I have pretty fine hair as it is, so ruining it is the last thing I want to do.

My hair at the moment...soft & shiny, but some fly-aways and split ends

What I currently use on my hair when I wash it...

Tresemme SalonControl Ion Shine hairdryer
GHD hair straightener
Paddle brush
Large barrel brush
Small barrel brush
VO5 Give Me Moisture shampoo
VO5 Give Me Moisture conditioner
Lee Stafford Heat Protection (for straight hair)
Advance Techniques Lotus Shield Leave-in Treatment
Argan oil (not pictured)

Sometimes, I will use this hair mask too...I love it!

I tend to switch up my shampoo and conditioner when I feel my hair getting dry, and I use another deep treatment, like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. I don't straighten it every day, as this would kill my hair...I try to do it every 3 days, maximum! I mostly blowdry it, but once a week, I try to let it air-dry, I just hate when it gets so frizzy! I use the leave-in treatment once a week, and the deep mask once every 2 weeks, or twice if it needs a real boost. I don't like to overload my hair with product.

I used to wash my hair every day, but now I've stretched it to every THREE days. It may sound gross, but my hair is still wearable on day 3. If not, dry shampoo! Plus, not washing it gives the natural oils time to replenish the hair. Not washing it every day has done wonders for my hair, so I'd definitely recommend it! I'm due a trim very soon, so I'm looking forward to that.

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner 24H review & pictures

I have been wanting to try this liner for so long, but could never justify spending around €12 on an eyeliner, when I had my ELF cream liner for €4. However...I'm so glad I did buy this! It's magical!

The pot comes with it's own professional brush, which is amazing, but I still use my own Catrice eyeliner brush (absolutely amazing!) The liner is quite pigmented, although I did need to draw my line twice. The colour is in Intense Black, but in my opinion, it could be blacker. It's creamy, easy to build, and easy to blend for a gorgeous smoky eye.

Here's what it looks like on my hand (line drawn twice)

It says it lasts up to 24 hours, and for me, it did! To test it out, I applied it early morning and it lasted all day. Before bed, I removed all my face makeup, but left the liner on. The next morning, it was STILL perfect! It didn't smudge or budge for me...definitely one of the best purchases I've made in a long time!

My favourite eye look to do using the liner...

I'm really in love with it, it goes on like a dream, and lasts for so long! I've even used it on my eyelid and blended it out as a base for black eyeshadow. AMAZING! I can't say enough good things about it, but the only bad thing I will say is that it could be a little bit blacker...other than that, it's totally perfect, and I'd recommend it to anyone!

Top 10 nail polishes

I got my new nail wheels ages ago, but I haven't used them much. I saw my big tub of nail polishes and nail wheels, so I decided to play around with them! I made a list of my top 10 nail polishes...but in no particular order, because I can't decide which is my favourite!

Left to right:
Sinful Colors - 24/7
Essence - Fall For Me
17 - Risky Red
Essence - The One And Only
Rimmel - Green With Envy
Essence - Cool And The Gang
ELF - Fair Pink
No7 - Cheeky Chops
Catrice - Blues Brothers Vol. II
Catrice - Bring Me Terra Copper!

I hope you like my favourite polishes!
What's your all-time favourite polish?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Like, Love, Loathe #1

I came across this on Emma's blog, and the idea seemed really cool so I had to give it a go.

I've really been liking blogging lately, I've been so stressed as I have so much going on right now. Blogging relaxes me, it's like a form of therapy to help me unwind!

 With my fiancé being in hospital (still...almost 3 weeks now!) I've been sleeping alot, and enjoying it! I'm really stressed at the moment with everything going on, so it wears me out, so I need my sleep. Also, with my man being away, I've had to cuddle my huge Hello Kitty teddy, hahahaha!

Over the past (almost) 3 weeks, I have been up and down to the hospital every day visiting my fiancé. I've always hated hospitals (who hasn't?) but going up every day really takes it out of you. I don't know how people do it, and I can only hope my man is out very soon...I miss him like crazy. I know I see him every day, but I miss his big cuddles and hugs :(

FRONTCOVER - Blue Eyed Girl eye makeup set

I bought this during the '75% off'sale at Boots. It was reduced from €16 down to just €4! The set is called Blue Eyed Girl, but I have green didnt stop me buying it though, as I  blue eye makeup on myself!

Mirror (in lid)
3 eyeshadows
Nail polish
Mascara (black & blue)
Eyeshadow shader/blender brush

Eyeshadows - from left to right...
Tie Dye, Bluesaceous, Silver Frost
 (The primer I used was Painterly Paintpot, by MAC)


The eyeshadow pigment is okay on it's own, but with a base, the true colour really comes out! It's beautiful for a soft smoky eye, and very buildable. The mascara is okay, and I love the curved brush, which means it coats every lash. It did coat all lashes for me, and the length it gave was okay...the blue mascara is gorgeous to add a pop of colour to the eye.

The shader/blending brush did a good job, but I still prefer my MAC or ELF brushes. The shadowline is handy, because you swipe it in a shadow, then use it as liner. It's cool, because I can use it with other colours that are not in this little palette!

This is what the nail polish is like...
The picture on the left is the polish used on its own; the picture on the right is over black polish.

It's beautiful on its own AND with polish underneath; I think either would be perfect for a party for a night out!

I wouldn't have paid the full €16 for this kit, but for €4, it's pretty good.

ELF Lipstick swatches - Classy, Fearless, Gypsy, Sociable

I'm in love with these ELF lipsticks! They cost $1/£1.50/€1.70, which is beyond me...they're so cheap, yet so so good! The packaging is pretty simple; not the best, but for the price, you can't complain! 

These are the 4 colours I have...

From left to right
Classy, Fearless, Gypsy and Sociable

Classy - light pink nude
Fearless - perfect red!
Gypsy - gorgeous plum purple
Sociable - deep dark pink

Elf says:
Indulge your lips with long lasting color and shine. The moisture rich formula hydrates, conditions and softens on contact for silky smooth lips.

I absolutely love these lipsticks...they're moisturising, pigmented and they last for hours on my lips! I'd definitely recommend them, and I'd love if ELF brought out even more colours, I'd definitely buy them!

Have you tried these lipsticks? What did you think?

Fragrance Atomizer

I picked this up in Boots, a couple of weeks ago. You may think it was quite pricey at around €13, but I had wanted one for ages, and I think it will be an investment! I hate carrying bottles of perfume whilst travelling, in case they get broken/stolen/lost. This little thing came in so handy when I went to see family.

I know what you think it may look like!! And to be honest, I've gotten quite a few smirks when I take it out of my bag, until I take the cap off, then people realise that it's not dirty, hahaha!

To use, you screw off the bottom, pour/spray some of your favourite perfume in, screw the bottom back on, and you're good to go! This will last you around 55 sprays, which is a lot! I filled it up well before Christmas (with Armani Code...mmmnn!!), and I still have most of it left, even after using loads when I went to visit family. It's so small and light, and you just slip it into your handbag. It's refillable so you can wash it when it's empty to fill it with another perfume.

I love this, every woman should have one for her bag, it's perfect to just whip out and spray when you need that little boost, maybe a date :)

My phone case!

A few months ago, I made myself a phone case, and I don't recall uploading a here it is! I love it!

It's for a BlackBerry Curve 8520, and people are always asking where I got it from. They're surprised when I tell them I made it myself!

Baked Powder Glamour Eyes Compact - Review, pictures & swatches

I popped into TK Maxx a few weeks ago, and the packaging of this gorgeous Markwins Baked Powder - Glamour Eyes Compact caught my eye. I took it out to have a look and I was very impressed with the baked shadows and colours. Of course, I ended up buying it, and at €6.99, it was a total bargain! (RRP €12.50 - this is why I  TK Maxx!)

The box is pretty, girly and colourful - everything I love!
The palette itself has a pretty snakeskin effect/feel to the top.
The palette opens up to reveal a mirror inside, along with 8 shadows. The top row of shadows is more neutral than the bottom row, and all 8 shadows have a slight shimmer to them.

Baked shadows are best used wet, as sometimes, when used dry, they don't show their full pigmentation. I haven't used mine wet just yet, but I tried them dry and the pigmentation was still amazing! The swatches are shown below, in natural light with no flash.

Top row - dry (no base/primer)
 Bottom row - dry (no base/primer)

My favourite colours have to be the pink on the top row and the bright blue on the bottom row! With all of the shadows being pretty pigmented when used dry, I can imagine that when used wet, the colour pay-off will be simply amazing! The packaging is beautiful too...sleek and sturdy, but light at the same time. It comes with 2 eyeshadow applicators, which I don't use.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to try out baked shadows, or simply wanting to expand their makeup collection. And at that price, you can't go wrong with this palette! I can't wait to do more makeup looks with this little beauty!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scents of Occasion - from Boots

I picked this up in the '75% off' sale in Boots the other day. It was reduced from €26 to just €6.50, which is amazing. I've been dying to try Anaïs Anaïs and the Ghost perfume for ages now! When I saw this in the sale, I had to have it. This is what's inside, I'll give you the information the box gives too...

From left to right:

Ange Ou Demon Le Secret by Givenchy (6ml)

A sensual scent filled with contrast, an elegant blend of light and dark, sweet and bewitching. Ange ou Demon Le Secret offers a glimpse into a fascinating realm, revealing a fragrance full of grace and elegance. A perfect companion for a dazzling woman, pure and mischievous all at the same time.

Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel (6ml)

A delicate and ultra-feminine fragrance inspired by the lily, a flower that evokes purity and innocence.

Tous H2O by Tous (4.5ml)

A floral aquatic fragrance with top notes of Amalfi lemon and lavender; middle notes are rose and jasmine; base notes are Virginia cedar, sandalwood and amber.

Noa by Cacharel (7ml)

Modern yet timeless, Noa is the visionary element in all of us. Rediscover the inner peace and instinctive wisdom of a woman through an infusion of rare woods and delicate peony.

Ghost Deep Night by Tanya Sarne (10ml)

Ghost Deep Night is an oriental vanilla fragrance that is sensual and passionate with a fresh oriental composition. A fragrance made for love - and loving.


My favourite are Ghost Deep Night and Noa. I love them all, but if I had to pick, that would be the ones I would choose! I would definitely recommend this set as a birthday gift, what woman wouldn't want to try FIVE new perfumes?! And it's only €6.50 right now, get yours while you can!

Nail Of The Day - No 7 Cheeky Chops

I picked up this No 7 Stay Perfect polish in Boots the other day, with a €7.50 voucher. I only had to pay €2, and I've had my eye on it for a while, so getting the voucher was perfect timing!

It's called Cheeky Chops, which I think is such an adorable name! It's a gorgeous coral/pink colour, and it will be perfect for the Summer :)

The picture on the bottom left was taken with flash, so it looks like a hot pink...the picture on the top right was taken without flash, and I think that shows the true colour more. It's so beautiful and girly! Two coats of this and you're good to go.

My new pen holder!

I bought this recently in the €2 shop (possibly Poundland in the UK.)

It's a cute little hot pink wheelie bin! The wheels actually move, so you can wheel it, hahaha! I just use it to hold my gel pens and some blue pens. I love it :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Claire's sale buys

Last, but not least, I popped into Claire's Accessories as they had a big sale turns out, it was THREE sale items for €8. AMAZING, as it included SHOES, slippers, jewellery, hats, and more! Of course, I couldn't resist some Hello Kitty, being the child I am heehee. Here's what I picked up...

I picked up the black velvet gloves, heart necklace and butterfly necklace for €8...and I picked up the monkey earring holder and two Hello Kitty hats for €8 (one pictured below). I got one for me and one for my niece, Caitlin.

ONE hat itself should have cost €16.95!!! So I think I got a pretty good deal, all this for €16!

New Look sale buys

The same day I popped into Boots, I also popped into New Look...seriously, I'm such a shopaholic, I need help! Luckily, New Look had a sale on too and I mainly went in to look at the jewellery. This is what I picked up...

Originally €3.25
Now €1.00
Saving €2.25

Originally (lost tag! around €4-€6)
Now €1.00
Saving €3-€5

Originally €6.50
Now €1.00
Saving €5.50

Originally €4.99
Now €2.50
Saving €2.49

My total to pay was €5.50
My total saving was (around) €15.24

I'm thinking of sending the cat necklace to my friend in California, she's obsessed with cats and she loves it!

Boots '75% off' SALE buys

A couple of days ago, I was on the way home from visiting my fiancé in hospital. I was just passing Boots (honest!) and a big huge sign caught my eye...75% off!!! I went in and straight to the big '75% off' stand...and fell in love! I didn't have much money on me but I did pick up some things!

Here's what I got in the Boots sale...

Originally €10.75
Now €2.68
Saving €8.07

HELLO KITTY HAND SET (hand wash & hand lotion)
Originally €13.50
Now €3.37
Saving €10.13

Originally €26.00
Now €6.50
Saving €19.50

Originally €16.00
Now €4.00
Saving €12.00

My total to pay was €20.55
My total saving was €61.70!!

I am really loving this sale, and I hope it's still going when it's my birthday early next month - there's SO much I want, and my fiancé has promised me a mini shopping spree, yay!

Have you bought anything in the Boots 75% off sale?
I'd love to see your purchases!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Good customer service or...?

After Christmas, I went shopping with my mum and in a pharmacy, I picked up an OPI basecoat (which came with a free topcoat, bonus!) and some face masks. Here are the polishes...

At the till, the cashier was busy so I agreed to wait ONE minute, which she asked. I looked around for a few minutes and I came back to the till...she was STILL busy. I chatted to my mum for a few minutes, and obviously, we were getting extremely pissed off. The cashier should have just served me, which would have taken maybe 30 seconds at max. My mum tutted quite loudly and rolled her eyes...I was just about to do the same!

The cashier said 'I'll serve you now'. She grabbed the items out of my hand, which prompted my mum to give her a filthy look (LOL!). The cashier took my money, and just before she gave me my change, she grabbed a Rimmel makeup bag and shoved it into my hand, and said 'here, have this for free'. My mum raised one eyebrow and the cashier saw her. She then grabbed a Rimmel blush and gave it to me and said 'here, have this too'. Then she rushed off, so we left the pharmacy. She could have just served me at the start, but I got makeup as a gesture of goodwill. I'm not complaining :)

Here's what I got for 'free'...

Have you had any experiences like mine?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Week in Pictures

As it's the end of the week (it's Sunday, 1.04am!) I thought I'd do a post showing you my week in pictures.

Almost every day this week, I have been up and down to the hospital, visiting my fiancé who was admitted on Wednesday. He has a condition, so he needed to go for a routine check up. He had lost a lost of weight (and blood), so his Professor decided to call him in later for blood. He got x-rays and scans and everything done, and he's being kept in until Monday or Tuesday. I have spent most of the past few days up there with him, he's really bored and can't wait to come home, just as much as I can't wait to have him home!

I have been cleaning quite a bit this week, I want to have everything clean and tidy for when my man gets out of hospital. I spent ages tonight cleaning the bathroom and everything is really sparkling! I don't like cleaning very much, but when I have good music playing (loudly), it spurs me on! I'm not sure why this woman looks so pleased about cleaning but hey, whatever floats your boat, right?! Hahaha.

I'm home tonight (and last night), as my fiancés brother is away for the weekend. Last night I was hearing some noises, so somebody on Facebook suggested I go investigate lol! We have no large hard objects in the bedroom, so I grabbed the nearest thing...a hanger (to gouge eyes out, you know) AND believe it or not, my giant Hello Kitty teddy! Not sure what use she would have been had there been an intruder, but whatever....turns out there was nobody there, obviously!

Despite my new years resolution, I have had junk food this week.With spending hours in the hospital each day, I've got home to be exhausted (from just sitting there!) and then I have no energy to cook. For some reason, I find sitting in a hospital very draining. I've had pizza this week AND Abrakebabra....but I'm really tempted  to get some pizza now. I'm having a few drinks (by myself, *sob*) and I've cleaned the bathroom so I think I can justify getting one. Damn that pizza looks good...

After my stressful week, I decided to do a little pampering... I used a gorgeous new chocolate face mask, which was amazing! I'm currently in the middle of painting my nails (just black). My last design started to chip on one of my nails, mainly because I broke a nail, boo! I'm sick too, so pampering is good for me...heehee

I'm currently having a few drinks to top off my weekend. After such a stressful, tiring week, there's nothing better than relaxing with a few bottles (only alcopops, so no hangover for me, woo!) I'm getting slightly tipsy right now, but I like this feeling, as weird as it may sound!

That's been my week...pretty busy, but I'm unwinding now!

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