Saturday, January 28, 2012

FRONTCOVER - Blue Eyed Girl eye makeup set

I bought this during the '75% off'sale at Boots. It was reduced from €16 down to just €4! The set is called Blue Eyed Girl, but I have green didnt stop me buying it though, as I  blue eye makeup on myself!

Mirror (in lid)
3 eyeshadows
Nail polish
Mascara (black & blue)
Eyeshadow shader/blender brush

Eyeshadows - from left to right...
Tie Dye, Bluesaceous, Silver Frost
 (The primer I used was Painterly Paintpot, by MAC)


The eyeshadow pigment is okay on it's own, but with a base, the true colour really comes out! It's beautiful for a soft smoky eye, and very buildable. The mascara is okay, and I love the curved brush, which means it coats every lash. It did coat all lashes for me, and the length it gave was okay...the blue mascara is gorgeous to add a pop of colour to the eye.

The shader/blending brush did a good job, but I still prefer my MAC or ELF brushes. The shadowline is handy, because you swipe it in a shadow, then use it as liner. It's cool, because I can use it with other colours that are not in this little palette!

This is what the nail polish is like...
The picture on the left is the polish used on its own; the picture on the right is over black polish.

It's beautiful on its own AND with polish underneath; I think either would be perfect for a party for a night out!

I wouldn't have paid the full €16 for this kit, but for €4, it's pretty good.

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