Friday, January 20, 2012

Good customer service or...?

After Christmas, I went shopping with my mum and in a pharmacy, I picked up an OPI basecoat (which came with a free topcoat, bonus!) and some face masks. Here are the polishes...

At the till, the cashier was busy so I agreed to wait ONE minute, which she asked. I looked around for a few minutes and I came back to the till...she was STILL busy. I chatted to my mum for a few minutes, and obviously, we were getting extremely pissed off. The cashier should have just served me, which would have taken maybe 30 seconds at max. My mum tutted quite loudly and rolled her eyes...I was just about to do the same!

The cashier said 'I'll serve you now'. She grabbed the items out of my hand, which prompted my mum to give her a filthy look (LOL!). The cashier took my money, and just before she gave me my change, she grabbed a Rimmel makeup bag and shoved it into my hand, and said 'here, have this for free'. My mum raised one eyebrow and the cashier saw her. She then grabbed a Rimmel blush and gave it to me and said 'here, have this too'. Then she rushed off, so we left the pharmacy. She could have just served me at the start, but I got makeup as a gesture of goodwill. I'm not complaining :)

Here's what I got for 'free'...

Have you had any experiences like mine?

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