Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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I'm a pretty opinionated person, but I probably don't really show it on my blog. It comes to life when something really pisses me off...eg, littering! There is just no need for it, and it really saddens me to see bags, plastic, cans, bottles etc, thrown everywhere. Most places you go will have bins, even parks!

I was brought up to put my rubbish in a bin, and if there are no bins around, I would put it in my pocket until I reach a bin...it's as easy as that! I went into town today, and the litter I saw actually saddened me.

There's a laneway behind my house, and most weekends, a group of teenagers will go drinking in the laneway, and leave all their cans there! I hate that they drink there, but it bugs me how they leave their cans/pizza boxes/crisp bags/cigarette butts, everywhere. There's a shop next to their 'drinking spot', with (surprise, surprise!) a bin!!

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The council have to come out and clear everything up every so often, but it's gone on for so long, that there have been notices put up to say that the laneway will be closing soon. This is due to all the littering, and to be honest, why should people have to clean up for other people?

It's sad to see a teenager/adult simply drop their litter on the ground. It's worse to see a child doing it, as I think it's quite obvious they are being brought up with no respect for the world. The fines for littering in Ireland consist of an on-the-spot fine of €150, or up to €3000 if you are convicted of a litter offence in the District Court. Yet this still isn't enough to shock people into using bins!

I have to say, I agree with this slogan...


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