Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Christmas gifts! (requested)

First of all, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, I sure did! I spent mine at my family home, with my family and my fiancé, in Galway. We went to Galway on December 22nd and returned on January 2nd, so it was a nice long, relaxing stay! We exchanged amazing presents, ate yummy food and listened to countless Christmas songs...perfect!

I received quite a lot of gifts, and someone on Twitter requested a blog post with them, so here it is. Just to let you all know, I am not bragging about any of the gifts I received, this was requested. Let's get into it! :)

The thing I wanted the most was a perfume, called Armani Code. It's absolutely gorgeous; my sister-in-law wears it, and when I hug her, I don't want to let her go! My fiancé bought it for me, but gave it to me before we travelled so I could use it the day we travelled.

Ugh, so beautiful!

The next thing I asked for (from my mum) was this gorgeous eyeshadow palette, from Avon. It's absolutely beautiful. I'll post swatches soon.

White, silver, teal, brown!

Here are the rest of the gifts I received, some of which were requested!

Faux leather jacket - from my fiancé (before Christmas) 
Bear foot warmer - from my mum
3 necklaces (cross, heart, swirl) - from my brother
Old style mirror - from my mum
Hello Kitty Address Book - from my sis-in-law
Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call - from my fiancé
Anderson & Webb necklace/earrings set - from my fiancé
Fridge magnet (I like my men super rich and almost dead) - from my mum!
Super Cow mug - from my mum
Scrubbing brush (lol) - from my mother-in-law
Hello Kitty storage box - from my sis-in-law
Gok Wan shower set, body butter & gorgeous red bag - from my dad
Faux silk duvet bed set - from my mother-in-law
Hello Kitty purse (with chocolate buttons) - from my mother-in-law
Hair set: Large barrel brush/frizz control shampoo/curl defining gel/Lotus Shield leave-in treatment (pictured below) - from my mum
Slipper socks - from my mum
Picture holder - from my mum

Here are more presents I couldn't fit in above picture!

Hello Kitty headphones (received in November, part of Christmas presents!) - from my mum
Kitten 2012 Calendar - from my mum's friend
Country Rose jewellery holder - from my mum
Philip Mercier necklace & ring (with clock) set (with CBTD bag!)- from my brother
Marzipan Address Book and 2012 Diary - from my mum
I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk (NOT IN PICS) - from my fiancé

As you can see, I was spoiled rotten! I had an amazing day, and I love everything I received! Oh...and this is what the foot warmer looks like on my feet... 

Cute, huh?! And sooo comfy! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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