Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ELF Day To Night Beauty On The Go - Pics, swatches & review

This kit was part of my free mystery bag from day 10 of ELF's 12 Days Of Christmas promotion (including free shipping!) I was so excited to receive it, and love everything I got in it!

Day To Night Beauty On The Go
Love the glittery packaging!

2 palettes of eyeshadows, lip glosses and blushes, and 1 compact.

The compact
Sleek, classy & chic, includes a mirror!

Simply click a palette into the compact for a chic, classy, portable makeup palette!

To change palettes, simply pop out the palette in the compact

'Day At The Beach' palette
Neutral shadows, with girly glosses and light pink blush

'Night On The Town' palette
Neutral, light and dark shadows, hot pink & red gloss, pink/plum blush

I LOVE this set! The compact is so handy, easy to just slip into your bag. I'm in love with the sleek packaging! It's perfect if you're looking for a day or night look (hence, the name Day To Night!) The blushes are so pretty and the glosses are so girly! They lasted for ages on me too. The darker shadows are pretty pigmented, so over a base, they really pop (my camera doesn't pick up the full colour, I'm not sure why!) I'm going to do some makeup looks with them soon and upload some pictures, so keep an eye out for that.

I would definitely recommend this palette to anybody really. It retails at €8.50/£7, and it's totally worth it. It saves you lugging loads of different makeup around with you.


  1. I ordered the same thing few days back and I haven't received them yet, but I was wondering, where do you keep the other palette if one's in the case?

  2. I keep it stored in a little plastic pouch, in a big drawer where my other palettes are :) xx


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