Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review | Rimmel 'Kate ღ' Lipstick - 107

This is the last lipstick i picked up from Kate Moss' range of lipsticks by Rimmel. Again, I love the packaging of this lipstick, it's very classic and chic. I've reviewed the other lipsticks I have from the collection, and you can read them herehere and here.

This one is number 107...

It's a beautiful dark plum red colour, which I think will look great with cat-flick eyeliner and lashings of mascara! It's so creamy, glides on like a dream, and is so long-lasting, requiring minimal touch-ups, unless you're stuffing your face with food!

It reminds me of a vampire or something similar. In my local pharmacy, these lipsticks are currently €2 off the normal RRP, so instead of €6.95, I paid €4.95. They were on a display stand, so I'm sure they have them on offer in some other pharmacies too.

This is a swatch on my hand, it's gorgeous!

I would definitely recommend the whole collection, I hope to complete it soon. I can't wait to try various looks with them!

Get them now, whilst you can, especially at such a low price.

Review | Rimmel 'Kate ღ' Lipstick - 101

This is another (not quite) matte lipstick from Kate Moss' lipstick collection for Rimmel. This time, it's number 101, a beautiful light pink rose colour. I've purchased a few other lipsticks from this collection, so you can read those reviews herehere and here!

Again, you should use a lip balm a few minutes before applying the lipstick, as it can cling to dry patches. I really love this lipstick! It's got great colour pay-off and as the other lipsticks are long-lasting, this one will be too.

The colour is so pretty on my lips, I think it would be beautiful with a smoky eye. It's a bargain for the introductory price of €4.95, but I would happily pay the full price of €6.95. I have 4 of the lipsticks in my collection already, yet I've heard it's released in October, heehee. I love the ones I have so far, so I think I may have to complete the collection very soon...

Here's a swatch on the back of my hand. Isn't it so beautiful?

Again, I don't like the fact that the lipsticks don't have names, just numbers. I'm sure I could think up some pretty names for them had I been asked, haha!

I would definitely recommend the lipsticks from this collection; they're creamy, great for the price and the colour pay-off is brilliant!

Review | Rimmel 'Kate ღ' Lipstick - 16

I picked this up today, and it's from the 'Kate' collection for Rimmel. I loved other lipsticks from the collection, and those reviews can be read herehere and here.

I love the sleek and chic matte black packaging of the lipstick, and the cute pink signature!

As you can see from the picture, this is number 16; a beautiful peach/pink colour. The picture really doesn't do the lipstick justice, it's just so beautiful!

It promises 8 hours of wear, and I think it sticks to it pretty well. I've been wearing it since earlier this afternoon, and it's still on my lips. I've only had to touch up a little bit, and that was after I stuffed my face at dinnertime! It's beautifully creamy, and glides onto the lips so well. It's not matte, and definitely not too shiny...I would say half and half. Again, like I said in my previous review, you should use a lip balm a few minutes before applying the lipstick. And if you would like a shiny finish, you can just apply a lipgloss over the top.

This is a swatch of the lipstick..

I love the smell, but I know not everyone likes scented lipsticks. It's really fruity and I like it! I picked it up for a special price of €4.95, instead of the RRP of €6.95. I think it's just the introductory price, as the collection is due to come out in early October.

Love it!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review | Rimmel 'Kate ღ' Lipstick - 110

This wasn't a 'planned' purchase, as such. I just happened to try the tester and love it...and every other colour in the range! Other reviews of lipsticks from the same collection can be found herehere and here. There was €2 off the normal RRP, so instead of €6.95, I paid €4.95. I bought it in my local pharmacy, and they were on a display stand so I'm sure they have them on offer in some other pharmacies too, if you look around.

I'm in love with the packaging, the red tube is just classic!

I picked up number caught my eye and I had to have it!

It's a beautiful red/coral colour, but definitely more red than orange. It's bright, but I love it. Bright lipsticks can be amazing when used correctly! This lipstick is matte, but not too matte. It has a little bit of a sheen so you don't need a gloss, unless you really want one. Here's a swatch of it so you can see for yourself...

After I had tested it on the back of my hand, the pharmacist told me that it's better to test on the tip of the finger because that's closer to your lip colour. I tested it on the tip of my finger too and still loved it, so bought's a good tip though; the back of my hand is so pale in comparison to my lips.

This is the colour on my lips! I recommend using a lip balm a few minutes before applying the lipstick, as it can cling to dry parts, like most lipsticks, but it's not drying. It lasted all day long on my lips, with very minimal touch-ups.

Whilst the lipsticks are still on offer, I'm going to pick up more! I love it, and for the price, it's so worth it! The only thing I'm gutted about is the fact that the lipsticks don't have names, just numbers..but I can overlook that for this amazing lipstick!

Definitely recommend it, and the whole range...which will be mine soon! <3

Monday, September 24, 2012

'boohoo' Wishlist

boohoo website

USA hotpants

tie cardigan

'oui' top & those hotpants

skull leggings

peplum skirt

peplum top

bodycon peplum dress

lace up wedge boot

cherry soda top

lace up ankle boot

Dalmatian beret


A girl can dream, hey? ;)

My Week In Pictures

 solpadeine for my back  sunday morning fire!  SHE SAID WHAAAT!?  biscuits and tea in college ♥ jess helping with college work  a mature student wrote this...  beautiful sunset ♥ posing! ♥ elijah's birthday cake...yum! ♥ elijah and his niece, amber ♥ my papier-mâché masterpiece, so far double rainbow 


I hope you've all had a great week 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another haul...

I know I said I'd keep everything I buy to do a collective haul, but I was pretty excited about what I bought today...more charity shop buys and some cool slippers...

 Jane Norman top for my mum...only €1!!

 White maxi skirt...looks amazing on!

 Blue & white stripe top...gorgeous with maxi skirt


 Eyeshadows...won't be using that brush though!

 White off-the-shoulder see through top...pretty over blue & white stripe top!

 Little Miss Sunshine hoody

 MAC Humid eyeshadow...yes it's real! :) and only €1!

 Betty Boop tracksuit bottoms

And my amazing fluffy slippers from a different shop...with real feather and duckdown filling. So so comfy!

As you can tell, I love shopping!

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