Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Bedside Table ♥

This is my bedside table's changed quite a bit since last time, apart from a few of the same bits. It changes regularly, and honestly, it does tend to get cluttered! I tidied it up this morning, so hopefully it will stay tidy like this...but I always say that ;) 

My beautiful little fairies 

 My gorgeous heart box filled with some jewellery, and one of my pretty tweezers'!

Some of my jewellery!

 Little wooden cat with tiny bell, from Wales, 50p

 Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

 Elle MacPherson body butter, part of a set...amazing, use it every other night! Review coming soon ;)

 My glasses! 

 Elle MacPherson relax oil

Pretty photo holder, holding a photo of myself and my gorgeous fiance ♥

Mini baby pink polka dot tin bucket with bow - storing cleansers, toners & moisturisers 

Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye makeup remover & wipes.. As you can tell, I love my 'Simple' products...apart from the Lidl cleanser, as I couldn't find the Simple one anywhere!


That's my bedside table for now, along with my lamp, and the framed photo of myself and my mum. No doubt, the items on the bedside table will change within the next few days...heehee...


  1. Oh I really love this post :)
    The fairies are cute.


    1. Thank you <3 they definitely add a cute touch to my bedroom



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