Thursday, September 06, 2012

My Week In Pictures

It's been a pretty normal week, I've just getting prepared for going to college on September 10th, yay! Sorry for the lack of blogging though :(

A couple of these pictures are from over a week ago, but I still thought I'd share.

1. Bouncy castle...I SO wanted a go!
2. Oooops...pasta sauce all over the driveway haha
3. Can you say polka dot crazy?!
4. New jewellery <3
5. Myself with Jess, our new cat
6. Posing?
7. Apple pie!
8. Beautiful sunset
9. Jess with her monkey
10. Jet
11. Jess chilling on the back of the sofa
12. West Coast Cooler rosé
13. Blue moon
14. Totally reminded me of the old Bebo days! :)
15. Beautiful skirt, sunny days
16. Package!!! eek
17. Out to dinner with the fiancé
18. Strawberry meringues
19. Pretty rose maxi skirt
20. Roast dinner...on a thursday ;)


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