Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nails | Models Own 'Orange Sorbet'

I painted my nails in a hurry the other night, so I could wear it to school the next excuse the messiness, hahaha!

It's 'Orange Sorbet' by Models Own, and it's a beautiful neon orange. It's so bright and'in-your-face', and that's why I love it! My past experiences with Models Own nail polishes have been amazing! The colours are bright and last a good few days with no chipping..and that's without a topcoat! I've only been wearing this one for a day and a half, but it hasn't chipped yet. I may apply a topcoat tonight though, I love the colour! The pictures don't pick up the exact colour, and I'm not sure why. I've looked online for a stock photo, but none of them match the real-life colour exactly.

It will be great to brighten up dark days, and it may be perfect to help create a St. Patrick's Day nail look!

What's your favourite Models Own nail polish?

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