Friday, September 07, 2012

Girl Problems #1

Us girls are awesome, like really. But some things just annoy the crap out of us...


 painting your nails, then needing to pee, or...
 ...perfect nails... THEN they chip
 leg hair growing faster than the hair on your head
 bad hair day...and not having enough time to wash it! (Dry shampoo just doesn't work for me)
 trying to remove mascara, and losing a few lashes in the process
 removing false lashes...can you say 'ouch'?!
 blisters from heels
 straightening/curling your hair? ooh let's have a burnt ear too!
 taking your hair out of a high ponytail = painful
 over-thinking things...but I guess everybody does that
 when you try to do a messy but, and it's too perfect
 complaining that we're not losing weight...then stuffing our faces with crap. Just me? Oh
 complaining that your hair is too long...
 ...not wanting to cut your hair
 seeing something you really want, but not having money...
 ...having money and there's nothing you want
 having a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear
 buying 5467318491 bobby pins, then not being able to find just ONE
 applying make-up better whilst drunk...or is that just me? Or is just the drink making me think that?
 loving your nail polish, hating it the next morning
 getting the winged liner on one eye perfect...the other is a total disaster
 those days where you want to just cry

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