Sunday, September 09, 2012

10 Day 'YOU' Challenge | #10

I came across this challenge on Hannah's blog, A Bullet To The Head. I really loved the idea of it, so I thought I'd give it a go.

10 secrets.
 I suffer from lepidopterophobia...a fear of butterflies/moths. Ugh!!
♥ I get really upset when I think about my family being 4 hours away.
♥ I'm obsessed with cats. But that's not really a secret!
♥ My mum's 'coddle' is my favourite dinner ever. It's a Dublin dish.
♥ I would love to get a chest tattoo one day, but it probably won't happen!
♥ I can't wait to have kids...again, not really a secret.
♥ I find it really hard to make friends, I'm pretty shy.
♥ I have a slight obsession with eBay.
♥ I'm craving a roast dinner right that a secret?
♥ I'd love to be a size 8 again!

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