Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review | Essence 'Stay Natural' Concealer (Soft Nude)

I'm a total sucker for Essence make-up! It's cheap as chips, brilliant, and they have a good range of colours/shades...and their nail polishes usually last ages! Anyways, I had a little spot and couldn't find my usual concealer, so I picked this one up for just €2.79 in my local chemist. It's called 'stay natural' concealer.

I tested a few different shades of this on the back of my hand, and I was surprised to find that 03 Soft Nude matched the best. To be sure, I tested it on the side of my face too and it actually matched my skin perfectly! Lucky... I didn't fancy walking around with a dark patch on my face ;) There are FOUR shades to choose from, so there's sure to be something to match your skin-tone.

I love the applicator tip! You twist the opposite end of the tube to dispense the product, and I think you basically 'brush' it over the blemish. I don't do that though, I think it could spread the bacteria. I just dispense a little bit, then with a clean finger, dab the brush to get the product onto my finger, then dab my finger onto the blemish.

This is the twisty end of the tube...

When you first use the concealer, you may have to twist it a lot to get the product out. Once you've used it first, it only takes 2-3 twists to get the product out.

On the skin.. excuse the scratch, the cat got a bit feisty the other day!

Can you see it? Nope, it's blended! Perfect!!

I find it has amazing staying power, it stays on my skin all day and covered my blemish amazingly. It did wonders for my dark circles too, I have them pretty bad. It's definitely one of my new favourite concealers, and I'm glad I tried it. I love the packaging, it's basic but cute.

Have you tried this concealer? What did you think?


  1. I've tried it in the shade soft sand and Ive spent almost 30mins twisting it.It doesn't work???

  2. I've tried it in the shade soft sand and Ive spent almost 30mins twisting it.It doesn't work???

  3. I love this concealer...I'm so sad they discontinued it where I live ;(

  4. I also twisted the back for a bit... but figured if removing the back you can actually clip/click the inner piece that contains the concealer back in place.. then its as easy as 2-3 twists before the concealer comes out in front at the brush. By this time you can put the back cover on already.. and good to go :)


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