Sunday, September 09, 2012

Charity Shop Buys ♥

I love a good bargain (don't we all?!) I find that charity shops are great for them! You can get something gorgeous for next to nothing. Everything listed below cost me around €40, maybe a little less. Not bad at all! :) These items were purchased over a couple of days, not all at once. Yay for clothes, beads, picture frames, and everything else you can find in a charity shop...which is pretty much anything!

 Photo frame, way bigger than it looks! Shabby chic! 

 In desperate need of jeans... so I got 4 pairs (2 further down!)

 Sleeveless cardigan

 4 sizes too big, but I'm going to make it into a shoulder top

 Top with ruffles

 Velour-like vest with sequins

 More jeans (one pair is jeggings. They reminded me of maternity jeans haha)


 New favourite €2 ever spent, I love it.

Green heart top...perfect for St. Patrick's day 

 Khaki and gold green maxi dress...not sure if it's for me though...


This is actually a dress, it looks like a top! So cute though

I can't wait to put little outfits together with all my clothes. And it means I have some new (well used...) things for starting college on Monday, yay!

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