Thursday, July 14, 2016

30 Week Pregnancy Update!

This picture was taken at 28 weeks 5 days! I would upload my 30 week but it's on my phone and I'm extremely lazy right now... eek. I'm so bad at keeping up with blogging in general, but how bad is it that I don't do my pregnancy update on the actual day I change over my week?! I'm 30 weeks, almost 31. Holy crap, time's flying! Nothing major to report this week - to be honest, it's pretty much the same as my last bump update at 26 weeks.

How far along? 30 (almost 31) weeks!
Total weight gain: No idea, don't want to know!
Maternity clothes? Maternity jeggings and normal black leggings, but  find the band of the leggings can dig into bump sometimes, which makes me extremely uncomfortable.
Stretch marks? A few more than last time, but bump is still supple with all the coconut oil.
Sleep: What is sleep? I feel like I'm crushing my bump even when I lay on my side because he moves so much! I think I probably average around 4 hours of sleep a night. Come two or three months, I'll be wishing I had two hours! 
Best moment this week: having the lovely Sarah visit with her fiancĂ© and their two beautiful little girls... and pretty much a whole wardrobe for my little boy! Our antenatal class was a few days before too, that was interesting!
Miss anything? Sleep... I guess I should get used to not sleeping much though! I also miss having copious amounts of coffee.
Movement: Baby boy is so, so active, I love it. Rolling around, wriggling, hiccups, kicks, punches... I love it all!
Food cravings: Pork scratchings still, and I still haven't had them! Nowhere around here sells them, which is very frustrating for me. Chocolate too, but I always want chocolate.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Spaghetti Bolognese still. Bleugh!
Gender: Boy!! 
Labor signs: Some Braxton Hicks contractions, that's it, thankfully!
Symptoms: Acid reflux, acid reflux and oh... more acid reflux! It's getting worse each week, but that's to be expected. Dreading seeing how it is when I'm term!
Belly button in or out? In, but it does look like it's going to pop out!
Wedding rings on or off? I don't wear one (yet, haha)
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy - I still have my moody days, but my boyfriend is amazing at bringing me back around.
Looking forward to: Our scan next Wednesday! So excited to see our little boy again and how much hes grown since 22 weeks!

Happy Thursday from me & bump! 

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