Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Careless drivers! (WARNING: angry blogger!)

This is another thing I really HATE: Careless driving.

Not my picture!

Using your phone whilst driving... No seatbelt... Ignoring traffic lights...
Just a few examples of careless driving!

WHY do people do these? A call/text can WAIT until you find somewhere to stop, then you can answer it. There's never a reason to NOT wear your seatbelt. Waiting for a green light is VITAL.

It's absolutely stupid to risk your life (and others, not to mention your passengers if you're carrying some.)

I saw a man driving today, and he done ALL three of the above. He was on the phone, ran a red light, and wore no seatbelt. He had no passengers with him, but as well as risking his own life, he risked the lives of other drivers on the road. That is careless, inconsiderate and just plain stupid.

I won't even get started on drink driving.

'Drive like Hell, and you'll be there'

be safe, be sensible!

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  1. I can't do anything else but agree with you. Indeed, there are some irresponsible drivers out there who don't pay any respect towards the laws. These are very good examples of careless driving, but the list could go on indefinite. Women for instance often put on their make-up in the car. I understand your frustration, but it's a good thing that when they're caught, they're penalized accordingly. Hopefully they didn't cause any incidents.


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