Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fragrance Atomizer

I picked this up in Boots, a couple of weeks ago. You may think it was quite pricey at around €13, but I had wanted one for ages, and I think it will be an investment! I hate carrying bottles of perfume whilst travelling, in case they get broken/stolen/lost. This little thing came in so handy when I went to see family.

I know what you think it may look like!! And to be honest, I've gotten quite a few smirks when I take it out of my bag, until I take the cap off, then people realise that it's not dirty, hahaha!

To use, you screw off the bottom, pour/spray some of your favourite perfume in, screw the bottom back on, and you're good to go! This will last you around 55 sprays, which is a lot! I filled it up well before Christmas (with Armani Code...mmmnn!!), and I still have most of it left, even after using loads when I went to visit family. It's so small and light, and you just slip it into your handbag. It's refillable so you can wash it when it's empty to fill it with another perfume.

I love this, every woman should have one for her bag, it's perfect to just whip out and spray when you need that little boost, maybe a date :)

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