Saturday, January 28, 2012

Like, Love, Loathe #1

I came across this on Emma's blog, and the idea seemed really cool so I had to give it a go.

I've really been liking blogging lately, I've been so stressed as I have so much going on right now. Blogging relaxes me, it's like a form of therapy to help me unwind!

 With my fiancĂ© being in hospital (still...almost 3 weeks now!) I've been sleeping alot, and enjoying it! I'm really stressed at the moment with everything going on, so it wears me out, so I need my sleep. Also, with my man being away, I've had to cuddle my huge Hello Kitty teddy, hahahaha!

Over the past (almost) 3 weeks, I have been up and down to the hospital every day visiting my fiancé. I've always hated hospitals (who hasn't?) but going up every day really takes it out of you. I don't know how people do it, and I can only hope my man is out very soon...I miss him like crazy. I know I see him every day, but I miss his big cuddles and hugs :(

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