Wednesday, January 04, 2012

January Sale buys!

After Christmas, I went shopping in the January sales with my mum. I was looking for some new bits to change around my style a little for the New Year.

Here's what I picked up...
Oscar underwear - Primark - €1
From Me To You slippers - New Look - €7.50
Hot water bottle with fluffy cover - New Look - €5
Rose purse/bag with chain - Claire's- €5
Bootie boots - Primark - €9
Total Pilates DVD - Liquidation store - €5
5 packs of incense sticks - Liquidation store - €4
No Junk Mail sticker/magnet (NEEDED!!!) - Liquidation store - €2
Skinny jeans - Primark - €11

I was going to buy this, but my mum picked it up for me instead! It's from New Look, and it was reduced from €5.20 to €'s absolutely beautiful, and so sparkly!

What did YOU buy?

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