Monday, August 27, 2012

Review | L'Oréal Nude Magique BB Cream (Light)

After trying Garnier's BB cream (review here), I wasn't sure if I wanted to try another BB cream after being let down by such a hyped up product.

Nude Magique BB cream boasts of 24 hour hydration, a dewy finish to the skin, SPF 12 and smart pigment capsules.

Whilst in a pharmacy one morning the other day, the packaging of this cream caught my eye. There was a big sticker on the tube saying 'up to €5 off!'. This meant it was down from €15.35 to €10.35. Not too shabby ;) I tested the cream in 'light' (for fair skin tones), out of curiosity.  Weirdly, the cream comes out white (with a very slight purple tint), but as you blend it in, it turns into a normal foundation colour! I though that was pretty unique and cool. It looked really good on my skin so I bought it. Whilst paying, the cashier spent about 2 minutes talking to me about the BB cream. She said, "When you first apply it, it may look a little darker than your skin...but the smart pigment capsules make it match your skin perfectly."

This is the application tip...

Before applying the cream, I applied my usual moisturiser and allowed it 10 minutes to soak in. I have really dry skin, so moisturiser is an important step for me.
When I went to apply the BB cream my face, I noticed that the consistency of the cream was a little runny...runnier than I had expected. This meant that a little bit too much cream came out on the first use. 

Top: Cream on the back of my hand
Bottom: blended out

After that I was used to it and I knew how much to squeeze out. It's easy to work with, once you know how much to use for your face. On my second try at using it, I dispensed the perfect amount!

On first application, it did look a little darker than my skin-tone, but as the pharmacist said, it did correct itself and matched my skin. It cancelled out some of the redness on my cheeks, thankfully! I used my eBay beauty blender (dry) to apply the cream, and it worked brilliantly. 

After 6 hours of wear, the cream was still intact on my skin, and hadn't budged. After 9 hours, I needed a little touch up, but there was still no dryness! As of yet, I haven't worn it for 24 hours to see if it keeps my skin hydrated for that long.

I really love this BB cream, and I wear it on it's own. It does give a dewy look to my skin, and makes it look refreshed. I have tried it as a foundation base, and it worked even better. I have no pictures of that though, sorry :(

I would repurchase this again for €10.35. I'm not sure about €15.35, as it's a bit much. But it is brilliant!

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