Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big boobs = big pain!

This is a different/weird kind of post...the idea just came to me this morning and I thought I'd give my view, I guess.

So...I've heard some girls say they would 'kill' to have bigger boobs (maybe not literally, but still)...yet here I am, willing to do anything for smaller ones! Mine are pretty big - I won't say what size though, a lady never tells ;) See for yourself...

Bunny self-photoshoot...couple of years ago.

I hate them! Like really, so much.
When I was in my early teens, I had no boobs at all...I wished for bigger boobs, and I got these. Hahaha!

I'm usually a size 10 (8 in some things), yet my big boobs mean that a lot of the time, I have to wear a size 12 on top, sometimes even 14! The tops that I do find are loose everywhere else, so it looks stupid. It's hard to find nice tops that fit because my boobs make me look a lot bigger than I am. I would literally do anything to have them reduced.

I get leered at by men when I'm out, and sometimes, I think they assume that I'm 'easy', even though I'm engaged and have been in a relationship for almost 6 years. I've had a lot of men make pervy comments, which really upsets me. Sometimes, I get dirty looks from girls, as if it's my fault my boobs are so big. I've been called a slut before, when I was on a night out with friends. I get really bad backache, and they affect my posture like nothing else. I get marks on my shoulders from my bras digging in, all because my boobs are so heavy. Worst of all, it really affects my confidence. I know so many other girls who want big boobs, but really, they're not all they're cracked up to be. They're a nightmare. Sleeping on my front just isn't an option.

Very rarely, I will find a nice top that looks good on me. I'm wearing minimiser bras at the moment, and they do help a little. I hate to say it, and it kills me to say it, but I've had thinner tops RIP before, at the chest area. I really hate it, and it gets me down a lot. When girls say 'I'd love to have your boobs!', I say 'no, you don't. Nobody likes backache, and leery looks from men who think it's okay to stare at you like that.'

I've had someone say to me 'with the pictures you take, you don't seem to hate them', but what do they know...? As a person with a smaller chest, they can't just say something like that to me; if I wear t-shirts up to my neck, it makes them look even bigger, and makes me feel even worse. And that's not what I'm aiming for. Polo necks during winter are a definite no-no, they really look giant then.

On top of Mount Snowdon

Ready to go up Snowdon!

In the picture above, you can really see how huge they look because I wore a high neck t-shirt. People think I'm lucky to have them, but I see myself as unlucky. I really despise them.

If you've got small boobs, be happy with them!
If you have big boobs like me, I sympathise with you if you get backache/stares/leers/name-calling!


  1. I know your pain! I'm also larger chested.
    People don't get how I can dislike them as they would love them.
    I am really envious of girls who have a smaller chest, but as they say, you always want what others have.
    My one hate about being larger chested is the fact that you can't buy my size in 'normal' shops I have to buy my bras out of bravissimo or debenams, which ends up costing an arm and a leg!!

    1. Yes! I forgot to mention about the bras, ahh! It is SO hard t find cute pretty designs for larger chests, and they cost loads! I usually have to go to La Senza for mine, or buy a Wonderbra...most other people can go to Primark and get something gorgeous for like £5! Although saying that, I have bought a few gorgeous bras in New Look for pretty cheap!! Don't even get me started on bikinis hahaha



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