Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello Kitty/Minnie Mouse polka dot nails (& how-to)

My red polka dot top caught my eye today, then I found my Hello Kitty nail art stickers... and well, it sparked a little idea in my head. It's been a while since I did some nail art, so I'm getting back into it.

This is what I came up with...

It's a mix between Minnie Mouse & Hello Kitty (I love both!)

Here's what you will need:

Base Coat
Top Coat
White nail polish
Red nail polish
Dotting Tool
Hello Kitty bow nail stickers from eBay (here)

First off, apply a base coat as usual. Allow to dry and apply a base colour if you wish. I didn't.

Step 1: Apply sellotape around your nail, leaving as much of a gap (at the top) as you want. Paint gap RED and allow to dry.
Step 2: Remove tape carefully.
Step 3: Apply bow stickers in the position you want them on the nail & press down firmly.
Step 4: Use your dotting tool dipped in white polish to dot randomly on the red part (around the bow)

(As you can see, I was going to do the dotting first, then I decided to put on the bows first - dotting afterwards is much easier!)

Allow to dry and apply a topcoat. Clean up around your nails if necessary. You can use a cotton bud dipped into nail polish remover. To help your design last longer, you can apply a topcoat every other day.

And that's it! Simple, huh?

I hope you enjoyed this little design. I'll have more coming soon!

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