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Bedroom | 'Abigail' Throw Over & Shams - Shabby Chic

I was bored on Monday evening, and found myself browsing Littlewoods Ireland (UK site). I came across the 'Abigail throw over and shams' (UK). As you know, I'm really into shabby chic, so admittedly, I did a little squeal when I saw this...especially as it was reduced from €129 to €64 (saving over half price!) The reviews were brilliant, and people seemed to absolutely love the set.

It took a couple of days to convince my fiancé to let me buy it for our bedroom, and I like the fact that we have a month to pay it off if we want, haha. He wasn't keen at first because he thought it was too girly. I agreed that if he didn't like it on our bed, I'd keep it for my 'chill out room/clothes room'. Of course, I got my own way with a little persuading, and ordered the set on Wednesday evening. It arrived on Friday morning, which was amazing! Littlewoods usually have pretty fast delivery, but this was a record ;) I ordered my set in Ivory, but Bronze was also available.

From the Littlewoods wesbite:

* * *

Made from a smooth polycotton jacquard where the pattern is woven in rather than printed on, then dressed up with pretty lace trim detail.

Useful info:
  • Abigail throwover and shams
  • Jacquard with lace trim
  • Fits Double/King size beds
  • Matching bedding and accessories available separately.
Front: polyester. Reverse: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Machine washable.

* * *

When I unpacked it, I noticed it was a bit creased, but I'm hoping the creases will fall out soon with the heat. I'm not sure if I can iron it, I guess I'll have to look at the label again, but otherwise, I wouldn't risk it. Apart from the creases, I did another squeal when I looked at the throw over and the shams. The gorgeous lace trim detailing is just perfect, and I feel like it makes my bedroom look more classy and 'expensive'. I'm still in the middle of doing up our bedroom, and this adds the perfect shabby chic touch that I wanted. Even the fiancé thinks it's nice! I love it so much! I took so many pictures to show you, but none of them show it justice. It's ivory in colour, which I find hard to pick up exactly on my camera. I took these pictures throughout the day to see if I could pick up the exact colour. Some of the pictures look different in colour due to time of day the photos were taken. But I'm sure you all know what ivory looks like, hahaha. 

At first, I thought the lace on the shams could make it uncomfortable to sleep, with itching etc. But I needn't have worried! I put our pillows into the shams, went for a nap (I had to test it!) and it was comfy! If you think yours is itchy, you can tuck the lace underneath, I tried it. During my nap, I did find it very warm at the start, as I was under both the duvet and throw over. I solved this by sleeping on the duvet, with just the throw over, over me. This was perfect, as the throw over is thicker than I had expected. I think for Winter, it will be lovely to sleep under both the duvet and the throw over to keep heat in. 

I really love the whole set, and I think I'll put another pillow in both shams to puff them out a little bit...they're looking a little flat compared to pictures on the website, haha. I used two of my own other cushions on the bed, but you can get some on the website from the same range. For reference, our bed is kingsize. Here are the pictures I took of the bedset. I went a bit crazy due to excitement, heehee.

Also...I have 2 cats, and I said they wouldn't be allowed on the bed anymore. This is because some mornings, one of the cats comes in and scratches the side of the bed (waking me up to feed him). He hasn't done it in a little while, so maybe he's grown out of it. I'll just keep an eye on him though. However, when I went into the bedroom earlier, he was fast asleep on the bed (see pics) and I didn't have the heart to move him, so I left him be. Okay...the pictures!

two cushions at the front were already mine ;)

Of course, Prince had to get in on the action, haha! He's so cute.

He loves the sun, and bed! Don't we all, haha.

I hope you like this set as much as I do. I think it's an absolute steal at €64//£59.50, and looks really expensive...maybe even more than the full price.

Happy Saturday, and happy June! (seriously, how is it June already?!)  

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