Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Mini Charity Shop Haul

It's no surprise that I'm a sucker for charity shops, haha. I think you can find the most unique things in there, and just gorgeous clothes for next to nothing. They're probably my favourite types of shops, I could spend hours in them browsing everything! I made a little trip to town today and visited two. I picked up a few bits, and I think you'll be surprised to know how much I spent altogether. I was amazed at what I got for what I spent.

Now on to what I bought...

I picked up these brand new (in box and with tags!) gorgeous ivory satin heels. I think they're bridal shoes, but I couldn't resist buying them, they're absolutely gorgeous. They're not too high, and surprisingly comfortable to walk in. These set me back a whopping (not) €3! I think it was because the volunteer serving me was a middle aged man, hehe. My guess is they're priced between €30-€40, as most of the shoes from the 'Sponge' brand cost that much.

I bought these four books. There was such a massive selection of books, I was looking through them for a good half hour (told you I could spend ages in there!) I can't wait to read these, they all sound brilliant, and it will be lovely to sit out in the sun with one of these! Four of these altogether cost me €1.

The next thing I bought was this gorgeous long top/dress, because I absolutely love flowers, ruched sleeves, and I love red and blue together. I think it's so cute! This cost me €1.50.

I thought this top was adorable! I think it will be cute with a pair of jeans and heels. I paid €1 for this!

How cute is this bag?! It's a sequin bag, and full of polka dots (which I love!). I think it'll be perfect for those days when I don't need to bring much with me, and don't want to carry around my big bag. I paid €2.50 for this.

This seriously has to be the cutest rara skirt I've ever seen! It's adorable! I love the lace, bow colours, flowers and aaah, so cute! It will be perfect for summer with tanned legs and flat shoes or heels. This set me back €2.00

Altogether, I paid €11! How amazing is that? I'm thrilled with everything I got, and the price makes it so much better. I can't express my love for charity shops, they're brilliant :) I hope you like what I bought, I do!


  1. 11 euro wow you got some fab bargains there !!


    1. I know right? :) I'm thrilled with it all:)

      x x x


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