Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beauty Tag | Colours of the Rainbow

I have seen a lot of these videos on YouTube, but I'll be blogging mine! Basically, you go down through the colours of the rainbow, and pick your favourite beauty item of that colour - simple! :)

Onto my favourite products of these colours...

This was such a tough choice, so I had to pick two things! The first one is my big barrel brush from Advance Techniques (Avon). I got it as part of a Christmas present a few years ago from my mum. I absolutely love it; it gives me so much volume when I use it while blow-drying my hair. The second item is my BaByliss 2285U curling wand (full review and pictures here). My absolute favourite curling gives beautiful cascading curls, as loose or as tight as you want them, depending on how long you hold it in your hair. And it comes with a heat protection glove too, woo!

Words cannot express my love for this mascara! Definitely one of my favourites. This is my third tube, I can never get enough of it! I love the packaging, it's so bright and fun. And the brush is amazing! Full review and pictures here!

Wow 'yellow' is hard to read, haha! I bought this from Avon late last year. I use it most times I wash my hair (sometimes I forget or I'm in a rush!) and it's worked wonders for my hair. My hair is smoother when I use it, and my split ends practically disappear! It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy at all, which I love, especially because it's a hair oil. Definitely worth the €7 price tag! Full review here.

Okay this isn't exactly a green product, but all of the Simple packaging has lots of green. And it's mostly natural right? I have dry skin (it used to be worse, but this has helped immensely) and rarely, my psoriasis will come back. This moisturiser is amazing! I've tried everything...St Ives, No 7 etc, but I always come back to this one. It never fails to impress me. I apply it in the morning and wait 10 minutes before applying makeup. My makeup goes on like a dream because this sinks in perfectly, and doesn't feel greasy on your skin at all. I love it, and will always repurchase it. I think this is my fourth bottle!

My mum got her hairdresser friend to get this for me aaaaaages ago (well over a year!) and it's still going. It's not surprising as the bottle is absolutely HUGE! I love it. It keeps my styles in place, and my hair still feels as soft as ever. There's no hardness or stickiness that you get with a lot of styling sprays. This leaves my hair looking super-shiny, and judging by the length of time I've had it and the amount of times I use it, it will last forever!

I've started having baths again (I'm usually a shower girl) and I used my Gorgeous by Gok (Wan) bath essence. Ugh, I love it so much! It's the same smell as the shower creams, body butter, etc; I can't describe the scent, but it's gorgeous (I'm rubbish with describing scents!). This bath essence left my skin smelling like that, just gorgeous...thanks Gok! (and my Dad for buying me the set!)

Okay so I guess I kind of cheated here, as this is pink! But I had to feature it! It's my all-time favourite pink lipstick, and it's Pink Blush by Rimmel. This is my second or third tube, and I'm running low. I need to get another one soon. I feel like this lipstick is just the perfect pink, not too 'barbie', not too pale. I love it with a neutral eye or a full smokey look :)

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