Saturday, June 08, 2013

Currently... #4

Current Books: An Angel by My Side by Jacky Newcomb
Current music: Summer Rain - Slinkee Minx
Current guilty pleasure: my bed...never want to leave it!
Current colour: orange! Especially orange nails :)
Current drink: orange juice or water
Current food: a fruit salad...yum!
Current favourite show: Home & Away, as usual!

Current wish list: I want to see my family...and get pregnant!
Current triumphs: Cleaning the car yesterday evening, haha. What a feat it was!
Current bane of my existence: housework haha
Current celebrity crush: Jose Mourinho
Current indulgence: sleep!
Current blessing: Ireland!
Current slang: none at the moment
Current outfit: vest top and shorts
Current excitement: sleep, haha
Current mood: happy :)
Current link: 
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