Friday, June 21, 2013

Color Oops Extra Strength

I stripped my hair before using Colour B4, and really liked the result (I posted a review on an old blog, and only recently deleted the blog). They don't sell Colour B4 where I live now, but they do sell Color Oops. I've heard mixed reviews about this, and decided to give it a go. I've been dyeing my hair black for around 5-6 years now. The last time I dyed my hair black was well over a month ago, but the other day, I decided I fancied a change - but didn't want to completely ruin my hair (i.e, stay away from bleach!) I decided on dark brown, and picked up a box of Color Oops Extra Strength, and a dark brown dye. 

  Contents: bottles 1 and 2, applicator nozzle, gloves, cap

My hair before...very dark but fading a lot!

Well... I'm never stripping my hair again! I love how the colour removers work, but this one just didn't do it for me. I'm not sure if it's because I've been dyeing my hair black for this long...but when I used Colour B4, I had been dyeing my hair black for around 4 years, and Colour B4 took SO much black out. Color Oops only stripped around 1 inch from the top of my hair (after roots - I don't think roots were affected as this was 'virgin hair'). Color Oops barely removed any black, but left a copper/ginger tint as you can see in the picture below.

My hair pretty much still looked black, and the above picture was taken the morning after stripping my hair - basically still black! I was so let down, especially as the product cost €14.99! Crazy, but cheaper than a trip to the hairdressers.

I put the brown dye on my hair this morning, and presuming it was like a 'normal' hair dye, I thought it would be fine. I quickly read the instructions, but the part I missed out on, said I had to WET my hair before applying the dye. I had never heard this before, so found it a bit strange. It was too late though, the dye was already on my hair. Unsurprisingly, it didn't do much for my hair. The 'stripped' part of my hair went a little darker (like dark ginger/reddish brown) and the rest went black. I hate it - ginger-ish roots and black hair is not a good look for me! So earlier today, I picked up a box of black dye. So much for wanting a change, but I LOVE my black hair and whatever colour I have my hair, I always end up going back to black, I just love it. I'll be dyeing it black tomorrow because I have a night out on Saturday. I know I'll feel great after doing it, I always do! I'll probably pop up a blog post about the dye if I have time.

Color Oops SMELLS so bad because it's sulphur-based. I used it in one of our bathrooms with the skylight open, which really helped. It was drippy and runny, which I suppose isn't too bad because it's easily spread through your hair. After washing Color Oops out (for almost THIRTY minutes in total - sore arms!), my hair felt dead and dry. I was so worried it would crack off, but I don't think there's a chance of that happening, as there's no peroxide or ammonia in it. I used a deep conditioner after for a few minutes and my hair felt fine. It's even safe enough to dye your hair the same day as stripping it, but it was after midnight when I was finished so I dyed it the next morning.

Color Oops:
If you colored your hair to a lighter color, Color Oops will NOT return your hair to its natural color. Color Oops will remove the artificial pigment you deposited in your hair, but it will not be able to replace the natural pigment you removed by coloring your hair lighter. This can be achieved by re-coloring your hair with a color close to your natural color.

If you have naturally dark hair and you colored your hair to a light color and then recolored to a dark color and then used Color Oops, your hair will be returned to the light color, not your natural dark color.

Overall, I would ONLY recommend if it you've been dyeing your hair dark for a few months, not years like me. Otherwise, it probably won't do much due to 'colour build-up'.

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