Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tag | This or That

Yep, another tag! ;)

I think tags are great when you're blogging every day for a month.
It switches things up, and it's something a little different.

Math or English? ♥ English. I was terrible at Maths (yeah we call it 'maths' here in Ireland haha)
Summer or Winter? ♥ hmm, this is hard...i like both seasons, but for different reasons (i'm a poet, who knew?) i think i'll go with Winter, because I like being wrapped up in cold weather. Who knows, when I'm 100% happy with my body, maybe I'll pick Summer, haha
Morning or Night? ♥ Definitely night!
Full House or Family Matters? ♥ Are they tv shows? no idea
Tea or Coffee? ♥ Usually tea, but lately it's coffee!
Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings? ♥ Harry Potter
Black or White? ♥ I love black clothes...but white furniture!
Dogs or Cats? ♥ this is impossible for me to decide!
McDonalds or Burger King? ♥ McDonalds everytime
Cake or Pie? ♥ Depends what cake or pie...usually pie, i love pastry
Chocolate or Vanilla? ♥ ice cream? Vanilla!
Jocks or Nerds? ♥ erm jocks i guess? haha
Cable or Internet? ♥ internet.
MySpace or Facebook? ♥ once upon a time, Myspace was the best thing ever (and i met my fiance on there!) but now...facebook! MySpace got crap
The Simpsons or Family Guy? ♥ I love both (these questions are hard!) but Family Guy!
Coke or Pepsi? ♥ Coke always, hands down. Pepsi is naaaasty
Batman or Superman? ♥ Superman i suppose 
Fantasy or Reality? ♥ fantasy is great, but there's nothing like here and now, reality
Comedy or Horror? ♥ movies? ooohh...horror, but it has to be epic
Pancake or Waffles? ♥ pancakes
Baked or Fried? ♥ depends what you're cooking...baked usually.
China or Japan? ♥ Japan
Hamburgers or Hotdogs? ♥ burgers
Salt or Pepper? ♥ salt
Peanut Butter or Jelly? ♥ In Ireland, we call jelly 'jam' jam! 
Boxers or Briefs? ♥ boxers
Amazon or Ebay? ♥ ebay always
TV shows or Movies? ♥ usually movies
Pen or Pencil? ♥ depends what i'm using it for! Pen
Phone Call or In person? ♥ in person
Video Games or Board Games? ♥ board games
Shower or Bath? ♥ shower is easier and quicker, but i want to start having more baths!
Rain or Snow? ♥ snow
Pixar or Dreamworks? ♥ dreamworks i think
30 Rock or The Office? ♥ the office
Rock or Rap? ♥ ooooh rock 
Ketchup or Mustard? ♥ ketchup
White or Wheat? ♥ i want to cut out both!
Love or Money? ♥ love!
Movies or Reading? ♥ i like both!
Car or Motorcycle? ♥ car
Michael Jackson or Elvis? ♥ hmm..i like both (again!)
France or Italy? ♥ italy
Gift Cards or Cash? ♥ cash
Paper or Plastic? ♥ depends what it is
Santa Clause or Easter Bunny? ♥ santa!
Lucky Charms or Trix? ♥ I've never had either, but Lucky Charms look tasty!
Mayo or Miracle Whip? ♥ what's Miracle Whip? I'll choose Mayo!
Pickles or Olives? ♥ ewwww none!
Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew? ♥ Dr Pepper is horrible, but I've never had Mountain Dew...

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