Friday, June 07, 2013

Fota Wildlife Park & Arboretum

My fiance's niece (I now call her my niece!) turned 2 on June 3rd, so a big group of us headed to Fota Wildlife Park & Arboretum in Cork, to celebrate her birthday. I've been there a couple of times before and I love it, I could never get bored of it. There are so many animals, trees and flowers in the park and arboretum, and I could spend hours walking through the place looking at everything :)

As usual, I took hundreds of pictures, and had great fun looking through them all. The ones below are my favourites...but it was hard so to choose!

First's my outfit!

 How bored does the standing zebra look? Seriously, he stood like this for ages before just flopping to the ground to sleep, it was so funny!

 I laugh every time I look at this picture! I don't know what it is, but the giraffe's face cracks me up. I think it might be his nose and mouth haha

 I'm sure this is a gibbon...i thought it was a monkey at first but I don't think so. I'm confused, but either way, it's way too cute!

 I love pelicans, and this one was no exception. Cute!

 Lar Gibbon...he's like  a person! Seriously, the way he walks, moves around, sits, scratches himself, etc. So funny to watch.

Lion-tailed macaque - How cute is he feeding himself?! He looks angry, but there were loads of macaques around him playing, it's as if they were disturbing him haha

 Lemurs. I don't think i need to say anything, they're so cute!

 Joint favourite animal in the park (along with the red panda). I love cheetahs!

 'mmm, you taste good!' How funny are these giraffes? This is two of many giraffes in the park :)

 The yummy birthday cake! Coconut cake with pink icing. So yummy :)

My new house ;) I wish. I think this is Fota house

 Pretty flower :)

And the sunset the same evening...(vibrant setting on my camera) BEAUTIFUL!


I wish I could have included all the pictures I took...but there was over 300 to start with (before I deleted some), and who wants to look at that many pictures?! ;)

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