Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Childhood Photos

I love seeing baby pictures of people, seeing what they looked like when they were so young and little. When someone asks to see an old picture of me, I usually show them this...because, A - it's hilarious, and B - it's true!
It always makes me laugh.

Immaturity aside, I did actually dig up some old pictures of me. When I visit my mum next, I'm going to dig out the suitcase full of old photos, and scan some of them because I love being all nostalgic and looking through them. It brings back so many happy memories, so here you go...enjoy!

I cringe when I look at this picture! I'm sure it was taken outside our haunted house. Eek. Check out my awesome watch; I think it was a Rugrats one. And my Tommy Pickles doll - I brought him everywhere with me. I was clearly obsessed with Rugrats. Weren't we all? 

I love this picture of myself, I was a cute baby! I'm not sure what age I was here, probably about 7-8 months or thereabouts.

Here I am (obviously on the right) with two of my big brothers, Derek and Mikey. I love this picture, Derek looks so happy (as usual!) and Mikey actually reminds me of George Sampson! Brotherly love at it's best! 

This is me holding one of my little brothers Sean (who is a twin). Cuteness. He still looks the same to this day. Still baby-faced, but obviously his head is bigger!

Excuse the scribble on the photo! Can you see why my mum used to say I had 'saucer eyes'? How big are they?! And my mouth, I really don't look happy. Check out my beautiful rash from dribbling! My mum STILL has this dress kept for me! We have a picture of my niece wearing this dress too, but I'm going to pass it on if I have a little girl.

I will have this body again. I totally remember this day! Hole in my top too!

 There's me on the left wearing a dress and cardigan that my aunt made for me! She made the exact same for my cousin (her daughter) too. We were like twins! Derek is peeking out of the back seat, there's a dog (Coco, I think) in the boot, and my little brother Jody in the boot too - cute!

Okay this is officially the worst picture ever! Christmas morning...and I'm clearly having a bad hair day. I love how long it was. And looking back, it wasn't that bad for my natural colour - I used to hate it. I still have that heart cushion in my mum's house! And check out the little tub of peel-able nail polishes...they were the best! As for my mum should have bought me tweezers for Christmas.

My face cracks me up, I'm totally trying to pose and failing miserably. I would absolutely love my chest to be that size again. I used to think my chest was 'too small'. Now it's pretty much 5349743 times bigger.

Look at me in the cutest pink dress in the world!! I love it. I think the other girl was called Stacey. The little boy on the left is James, and on the right is Sean (the twins!). That was clearly a sunny day!

Just chilling on the seesaw at my favourite playground ever. I still remember this dress! Wait... am I actually wearing a YELLOW t-shirt underneath? I need to have words with my mother.

With Jody, I think. Check out how huge my jumper is, rolled up at the sleeves and everything. I still remember it!

And last but not least...with Jennifer, one of my best friends. Check out my missing tooth and her food stained jumper - cute. I love this dress so much. And this picture. Even though we look like gypsies.

So...there you go! I hope you have enjoyed looking back on some of my childhood with me, I've really loved it! It's been fun looking and thinking back, and I've had a few laughs typing up this blog post. I think pictures are always fun to look back on; they can bring back so many memories, and it's nice to be nostalgic.

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