Thursday, June 06, 2013

'My Firsts' Tag

First tweet? I honestly can't remember, probably something along the lines of 'yay, im on twitter!', haha!

First YouTube video? I watch a lot, so more than likely a makeup tutorial.

First person you subscribed to on YouTube? I think it was allthatglitters21 (Elle Fowler). I'm still subscribed to her to this day, I just love her!

First Facebook profile pic? Are you ready for this? Hahahaha, I have no idea! But I still remember taking it. Woo, crappy phone picture quality! Hahaha! (21 May, 2008!)

Do you still talk to your first love? Not anymore.

What was your first alcoholic drink? Hmm, I'm pretty sure it was a blue WKD. Yum!

What was your first job? A waitress in a hotel. Talk about sore feet, haha

What was your first car? I don't drive yet, so I don't have 'my own' car. But we (myself and fiancé) have a BMW!

Who was the first person to text you today? Nobody has text me today *sob*!

Who is the first person you thought of this morning? Myself, because I needed to get up and eat, haha.

Who was your first grade teacher? Can't remember, it was so long ago!

Where do you go on first ride on an airplane? Only Dublin. boo.

Who was your best friend and do you still talk? Jennifer (I think)...and we rarely talk.

Where was your first sleepover? Oh god. I absolutely hated sleepovers, I hated being away from my parents. But I had a few sleepovers with my friend Louise :)

What was the first thing you did this morning? Besides brushing teeth, putting contact lenses in, eating, dressing...I fed the cats!

What was the first concert you went to? Westlife! :) and they were supported by Six (cringe!)

First broken bone? I haven't broken any (yet), woo!

First piercing? My ears when I was three months old.

First foreign country you've been to? Wales!

First movie you remember seeing? GoldenEye (James Bond) when I was 8!

When was your first detention? I've never had detention haha.

Who was your first roommate? Elijah (fiancé).

If you had one wish, what would it be? I'm honestly not sure...

What was the first sport you were involved in? Totally not a sports person, but I did love hockey in school!

What is the first thing you do when you get home? I don't work at the moment, but usually after being out, I'll put my pj's on as soon as I get in haha

When was your first kiss? I was 7, and I had a 'boyfriend' called Darren. We jumped up and down on my parents bed and kissed...what the hell!

Well...after all that typing and reading, it seems like the word 'first', is no longer a word. I hate when that happens! This was quite a fun tag to do, so...I tag you! If you've done this tag already, let me know and I'll have a read. I love tags! :)

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