Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Review | Schwarzkopf Color Mask - Black

I'm a dedicated Clairol Nice 'n Easy user, but I wanted to try something different. Hairdressers are so expensive, so I'll always be sticking to home hair colouring - cheap and easy! When I was in the pharmacy recently, I picked this up because it sounded interesting. I love hair masks and I find them so easy to use, so what did I have to lose with this?

I bought it to give it a go, and I paid around €7.50 for it. There wasn't a huge selection of colours to choose from, but I guess Schwarzkopf will bring out more if it's popular? The box comes with the colourant, developer cream, instructions (gloves inside) and hair mask conditioner.

Schwarzkopf say:
- Rich hair mask texture, no dropping
- Even, natural looking colour
- 100% grey coverage - healthy, glossy shine

Like a normal hair dye, you squeeze the colourant into the pot of developer cream. It's strange in the way that you have to shake the pot 40 times to mix the contents, haha. When you mix the contents, you're left with the little pot of mixture that looks like, well...a hair mask! I found the dye easy to use, just like a hair mask. It didn't drip, and spread easily throughout my hair. It didn't make my hair knotty, unlike some other dyes. My hair felt so soft throughout the whole process.

This was my hair before...horrible root regrowth, and my previous colour fading like crazy!

Aaaaaaaand, after! Gorgeous black, shiny hair! Glossy, easy to manage and soft as...soft things. Yay, who doesn't love freshly dyed hair? :) The conditioner that came with the dye was amazing, and smelled lovely. It made my hair feel like silk.

It's been a good few weeks since I dyed my hair, probably a month or so. My roots are obviously growing out really fast, so it's time to dye it again...but the rest of my hair is still black and shiny! I'll definitely buy this hair dye again. Easy to use and gorgeous long-lasting colour.

Have you tried it yet?

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