Friday, May 31, 2013

Bedroom | My 'Shabby Chic' Table ♥

As you probably know by reading my blog, I'm a huge lover of all things shabby chic, and the whole shabby chic 'look'. It's just so pretty and cute, and I feel like it adds a beautiful touch to any room. I've got a chest of drawers with some of my shabby chic items on top, so I call it my shabby chic table, haha. I'm in love with it, but I do hope to get a white chest of drawers at some stage...because right now, I'm using a very white towel  underneath everything on the table, like a table cover! Improvising and all that, heehee.

I had the idea to show you what's on my 'shabby chic table' by sharing the pictures with you, and telling you where I got everything. This is what the table looks like...

* * *

Now, I'll tell you where I bought everything, or what was gifted to me. I honestly can't remember a lot of the prices, but I do know that nothing was really expensive. However, if I do remember the price, I'll leave it below :)

 Wicker heart, Primark - €2

 Pink polka dot mini bucket with bow, Embellish - €8

 Giant bead bracelet, New Look - €8

 Set of 3 heart storage boxes (one in living room), - website is down!

Country Rose heart jewellery holder, Avon - gift (around €10, I think)

  Rings made by me, except the two on the left

  Children's Art & Craft storage box (!!!), Primark - €4

  Set of 4 blue polka dot plastic picnic bowls, Primark - €2.50

 Candle, Lidl - €3.99

 Serving plate, Dunnes Stores - €4.

 Scented candle, Dunnes Stores - €1.50 

I just love this little 'table' so much! I always want more shabby chic things, but most of them are so crazy in price, I can't afford to don't buy them. However, Primark/Penneys do have a good selection of things right now to add a little touch of shabby chic to your home...cute! They're all at amazing prices, so I need to make another trip there soon to pick up some more pieces for my house. Of course, I would love to have my whole house kitted out in shabby chic and Cath Kidston, but that will have to wait until I win the I guess I should start playing it, haha.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, and I'll be back into blogging more soon. Hopefully at least 3 times a week now college is finished and Summer is upon us, fiiiinally! Let's hope the sunshine we're having last a little while ;)

Happy Friday!


  1. Omgosh ur 'shabbychic' collection is amazingggg!! Love all this kinda stuff too but like you said wayyyy too much moneyyy :/ happy friday xxxx

    1. thank you <3 Primark has some cute things atm :) xxx


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