Monday, May 13, 2013

Currently... #3!

Current Books: None just yet. Soon (yes I'm still saying it!)... 'Woman with Birthmark' - Håkan Nesser
Current music: Hey There Delilah - Plain White Ts
Current guilty pleasure: chocolate Hobnobs. There are no words.
Current colour: baby pink or baby blue
Current drink: tea tea and more tea
Current food: hmm...chocolate hobnobs? haha.
Current favourite show: Home & Away, always!

Current wish list: to see my family very soon...and have a baby
Current triumphs: Finishing college, YAY!
Current bane of my existence: cat hairs EVERYWHERE, especially on black clothes. eurgh!
Current celebrity crush: Cameron Diaz. Dayum, that woman.
Current indulgence: sleep!
Current blessing: my husband-to-be (he hates the word fiancé, haha!) recovering really well from his surgery and feeling better already!
Current slang: none.
Current outfit: hubby-to-be's trackie bottoms and a navy and white vest. Don't forget the pink fluffy socks!
Current excitement: Summer and my future with my husband-to-be, heehee
Current mood: happy! :)
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