Monday, May 13, 2013

Nails | White with pink polka dots

Everytime I watch a movie on my laptop, I have to paint my nails. I don't know why, it's like some kind of ritual, haha. I fancied polka dot nails for a change, so I chose white with pink dots. I love designs on white polish, because it makes every other colour pop, and makes bright colours more vibrant. 

The quality of photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy Ace is usually really good, but I use an app called Cymera to edit some pictures (including this one), and although it makes pictures look adorably cute, it also tends to reduce the quality of the can't have it all, haha. 

I got a little distracted by the film when it came to my index finger..haha! I used two coats of white polish from a French manicure set from Aldi, and the pink is called Hoola Hoop from Collection 2000. I also used one of my dotting tools from eBay. 

This evening, I got bored of them and took the polish off. So it was on my nails for less than 24 hours...that must be some sort of record, haha. My nails are currently bare so I'm off to choose a new colour to paint them. I'm thinking baby blue with white dots, or something a little this space ;)

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