Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nails | Dripping chocolate sauce & sprinkles

Over the past week or so, I've been feeling like I've lost my 'nail polish mojo'. No colour or nail design pleased me. None of the colours I had were 'grabbing' me. I normally love my nail polish and doing nail art, so this was a sad time for me, haha!

After watching a YouTube video one time, I gave these nails a try because they were adorable. When I completed the nails on myself, I looked at the video again. It turns out I had used the wrong technique for the dripping chocolate sauce, oops! Either way, it turned out cute. I wasn't delighted with them, I was just okay with them...and I need to love my nails if I'm going to keep a design on them for 4-7 days. I took a few pictures, and after a few hours, I decided I didn't really like them. I think the brown polish was a little too 'thick' on my nails, and I really hate it when that happens. Even after hours, the brown polish dented when you touched it...grr!

This is how it looked  anyway...

Even though I have thin nail art brushes, the sprinkles were so annoying to do as I couldn't keep my painting hand totally still, even when I had my other hand steadied on a table...damnit!

After I took the polish off, it took me a little while to decide on one that I really really loved. But that's for my next post! ;)

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