Saturday, June 30, 2012

'Take Me Out' night!

I've always been a big fan of Take Me Out, so when a charity 'Take Me Out' event was being held in my new hometown, I wanted to go! I went out with 3 people altogether, my sister-in-law was for a good cause; Children's Medical & Research Foundation, in Crumlin, Dublin.

This is me, ready to go out & dance (& raise money for charity!)

I wore my top/dress thing with tights, a lace kinda skirt thing & wedges! :)

And my makeup...simple & neutral


Basically, they wanted 40 single women & 10 single men to take part. Obviously, I didn't take part as I'm not single, hahaha! I sat in the audience & we drank (I was on the OJ all night!) It was a fun night, even though I didn't win anything in the raffle, boo. But I did dance my ass off, until my feet KILLED! It was really good, because I usually drink before I dance, but not this time. I did encounter a few pervs, & I was tempted to throw a glass of water over one...but I didn't! :)

These are some pictures from the night...awful quality, taken on my BlackBerry!

My hand, stamped!

The girls coming out...and an almost-bald head in the way!

First guy's talent: drinking all the beer... 1. Getting excited for it. 2. Drinking! He got 2 turns...& failed to drink it all, hahaha!

Not sure what was happening here...I guess he was just chatting to the girls!

A new 'lady' came out...'she' was called Susan Boyle, & had never been kissed. Hilarious!

My unlucky raffle tickets, & sparkly table!

So as you can see, I didn't take many pictures. The quality is so bad (didn't bring my proper camera) & people's heads were in the way a lot, grr.

After the show, all the chairs were taken from the 'stage', & from the audience floor (?) so people could dance...& I did just that! It was a good night & money was raised for charity, yay!

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