Monday, June 18, 2012

How to: Store hair bows/ clips

I was sick of my hair bows & clips making their way all over the house & getting lost. During our house move, I came across loads I forgot I had. I got most of them in one place, but wasn't sure what to do next...

Then I saw one of our spare over-door-hangers, & an idea came to mind. I took some different ribbons I had in my craft-box, & got to work. I cut them all to the same length (as long as you would like it) & tied them around the hooks on the hanger.

 As you can see, I got most of my clips on the hanger, & I still have more to put on. Best of all, I've only used ONE section of hooks, so they're all easy to see & pick out.

Handy, cheap & easy!

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