Monday, June 18, 2012

Review | Avon Advance Techniques 'Beautifully Behaved' Leave-in Treatment

This was given to me by my mum (as part of a beauty set from Avon) for Christmas. It's a 'breakthrough' anti-frizz leave-in treatment, & according to the bottle, it leaves your hair soft, smooth & Beautifully Behaved. You simply apply a few drops to clean, damp hair, & style as usual. The orange bottle is so cute & eye-catching...the bottle lasts for ages. I'd say I've still got over 3/4 left, & I've had it for over almost 6 months!

This treatment really helps with my frizz! I only use it once a week, & I find this keeps my hair 'beautifully behaved' for 2-3 days (until I wash it again). A lot of leave-in treatments tend to weigh my hair down, as my hair is quite fine. This one doesn't do that at all, it's really brilliant. It smells amazing too, which is always a plus! I was caught out in the rain the other day, & I'd usually have frizzies. With this...nothing! Amazing.

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