Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random post | things I like... no particular order!

family, tea, cats, candles, hugs, shopping, make up, hello kitty, cute bedsets, twitter, clothes, bubble baths, lynx africa, tigers, silk, black hair, comfy pillows, stripes, the colour red, boot-sales, food, blackberry, paris, brown eyes, tan, youtube, housecoats, hair dyeing, colours, perfume, doing laundry, fluffy slippers, my laptop, organisation, thrillers, flowers, photos, wkd, orange chocolate, angels, coca cola, kisses, jean-paul gaultier for men, uggs, lipstick, eggs, white chocolate, handbags, incense, lace, geek glasses, cupcakes, lingerie, blogging, jam, dogs, magnets, calendars, polka dots, facebook, australian accents, high heels, the colour pink, big headphones, love, showers, stars, bargain-hunting, babies, comedies, bows, men in suits, blonde hair, bbm, red nails, scrabble, westlife, nail polish, bread, lions, chanel no 5, home&away, snuggles, the colour blue, dishwashers, music, cosy fires, roadtrips, zebra print, jewellery, friends, hot chocolate, chelsea fc, cute texts, post-its, toast, ice-cream, our car, fluffy socks, britney spears, life, hot water bottles, hair turbans, false lashes, mirrors, phone calls, trinket boxes, fairies, nautical, ipods, west coast cooler, northern irish accents, galway, birds, cake, ebay, scary movies, christina aguilera, rabbits, jewellery boxes, keyrings, flurry rugs, disco balls, monopoly, leopard print, jean-paul gaultier for women, money, meringues, big hair, clubbing, bangles, coasters, boots, my man.

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