Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Bedside Table

I think everyone has a bedside table, right? If you don't, you should. It's handy to keep all your little things nearby; pictures, lipbalm, candles, you name it! I've decided to do a little post on what I keep on my bedside table. It does change from time to time, as I can tend to clutter it up, then reorganise it. I don't think I've ever not had a bedside table, & as silly as it may sound, I can't imagine not having one! This is what I currently have on mine...

I'm very into little ornamental, pretty trinket boxes & small fairy ornaments. All things cute & shabby chic, are the way to my heart, FYI ;)

I have a beautiful trinket box with fake pearls, lace, & ribbon. Inside, I keep random small things, so it's handy. When I sort out the bedroom more, I'll probably store rings or dainty earrings in it. I also have an incense burner/ash catcher. I picked it up at a market stall, and I really love how it catches the light & sparkles.
I have two little fairy ornaments both from my is a pretty pink one, & the other is a fairy made from pewter, and she's holding an Amethyst heart (Amethyst is my birthstone!). I love them ♥. I have a beautiful picture holder, which is just a dress/mannequin cute.
Then I have this picture of me & my was taken just after we'd had our hair did. She got it printed off, put it in the gorgeous frame, & gave it to me as a gift, which was so sweet. I love her so much ♥!

As for beauty items, I keep most of it in my bathroom, some of it in the bedside table. However, on top of it, I have a gorgeous Baylis & Harding hand lotion [wild rose & raspberry leaf]. I've only just started using it, & I really like it so it's staying there! I also have a Beeswax lipbalm, with Shea butter. I put it on before bed, & next morning, my lips are soft as silk. Then I have my [non beauty related, obviously!] vanilla cupcake candle...yuum!

I may make this kind of post a 'regular' thing...although I hope I don't clutter up my bedside table too much!

What do you keep on your bedside table?

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