Wednesday, June 06, 2012

How to: Make a cute 'fake flower' holder

I've been loving polka dot lately, and I have a red/white polka dot straw holder and a red/white polka dot photo frame (with no picture yet!) I have some cute fake roses, but they didn't look right in a handmade glass vase. I remembered I had some red/white polka dot wrapping paper, so I had the little idea to make my own 'fake flower' holder...matching! This is what I used....

Wrapping paper of your choice
Pringles tube (washed, after you've eaten all the Pringles. Without sharing... Mmmnn!) 

Here's how I did it!

Step 1: Wrap the wrapping paper around the tube...

Step 2: ...pull tightly and tape in place.

Step 3: Cut the wrapping paper to size.

Step 4: Tape in place.

Step 5: Measure near the top and cut off excess paper. Tape again if necessary.


I love it!

These are all the things that are on the window sill in my kitchen. I took this picture of them on the radiator, as it was a horrible rainy day outside when I took the pics, so I think this is prettier as a picture.

I love a little bit of 'DIY', so I'm trying to think of more ideas. Heehee!

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